1619 Project Founder Slams GOP as “White Party”

All signs indicate that Democrats are going to have a horrible midterms season.

Across the United States, Republicans are shown leading Democrats in congressional polls. This isn’t just true in red states, but it’s also applicable in battleground states like Georgia and Nevada.

In House races, Republicans are doing well, even in districts that Biden managed to pick up during the 2020 election.

There are many reasons why the Democrat Party isn’t doing so well. However, the biggest reason of all deals with the altogether failure of its policies.

Rather than Democrats self-correcting, they’re simply resorting to baseless attacks against the GOP, as confirmed by Fox News.

The Latest Attacks on the Republican Party

During a Boston University panel last week, 1619 Project founder Nikole Hannah-Jones sounded off on her views about the GOP.

Hannah-Jones, by her own admission, views the Republican Party as a “white party” that’s incapable of winning elections. The 1619 project founder then went on to allege that Democrats are the party that stands for the “majority” of Americans.

These claims come in juxtaposition with Joe Biden previously declaring the Republican Party doesn’t really stand for anything.

The president has also linked Republicans to racists and segregationists, notwithstanding his talk about unifying the country and healing political divides.

The Actual Data

Hannah-Jones’ claims about the Republican Party being the minority party and only the party of white people doesn’t mesh with reality or data.

For starters, there are many minorities who vote Republican and serve as elected GOP officials. Secondly, since Biden’s been in office, his support amongst Hispanic and black Americans has fallen by double digits.

If Democrats were truly the “majority” party that the 1619 Project founder thinks they are, Republicans wouldn’t be sweeping districts that Biden won in 2020, nor would Republicans be leading in midterm polls across the United States.

The fact of the matter is that Democrats have alienated minorities with poor policies and bad outcomes. No amount of trashing the GOP will erase all the damage that stems from Democrats simultaneously holding the White House and Congress.

The comments made by Hannah-Jones also arrive as the GOP is actually making inroads with minority voters. In America, there’s no such thing as a “white party.”

However, this message is certainly on-brand for Democrats who use baseless claims of racism to attack their political opponents. If the polls are any indication, Republicans will get the last laugh at the ballot box in November.

What do you think about the comments the 1619 Project founder made about the Republican Party? What do you think about the differences in support levels for Republicans vs. Democrats?

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