2024 Already Posing Significant Problems for Democrats

Despite the 2024 presidential election being years away, it is still something heavily discussed in politics.

While Republicans are already speculating about whether or not former President Trump will make another run, Democrats are having a rougher go of things.

Around a week ago, the White House confirmed Biden plans to seek re-election during the 2024 presidential race. However, just in case Biden’s candidacy falls through (which it very well could), Democrats are looking for a backup candidate.

Now, for a while, Vice President Kamala Harris was the obvious pick in this regard. However, since Harris’ low poll numbers and other issues associated with her vice presidency, Democrats appear to be looking for Plan C.

Washington Examiner reports this is easier said than done for the Democrat Party at this time.

The Problem for Democrats in 2024

With Democrats increasingly nervous about how Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would potentially do in 2024, Plan C appears to be current Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

As some Americans may remember, Buttigieg ran during the 2020 Democratic primary. However, after failing to gain real momentum in the polls, Buttigieg dropped out. This, in turn, led to Buttigieg endorsing Biden’s candidacy.

After Biden won the election, he rewarded Buttigieg with his current position in the Cabinet. So far, however, the Transportation Secretary has told the media a presidential run isn’t something he’s thinking about.

Likewise, the vice president has steered clear of talk about the 2024 presidential election, as has the White House. When press secretary Jen Psaki was directly asked whether Biden would back Harris in a 2024 or 2028 presidential race, Psaki dodged the question.

Instead, the White House press secretary stated she couldn’t speak to Harris’ future plans to run for president. To many Americans, the White House’s failure to give a concrete answer to the question spoke volumes.

The Messaging Factor

Picking the right candidate for the 2024 presidential election isn’t the only real problem Democrats are facing. They also have a messaging issue.

It’s unclear precisely what Democrats would run on. It’ll be hard for them to talk about unifying the nation when Biden hasn’t done this. Democrats also won’t be able to boast about having defeated COVID, especially with news of the omicron variant.

Quite frankly, it will not be hard for Republicans to make the case to voters in 2024 that Democrats are unfit to lead. From the supply chain crisis, to not so transitory inflation and a host of other issues, quite a bit has gone wrong under leftist leadership.

This, too, is something the higher-ups in the Democrat Party are undoubtedly aware of.

What do you think about the issues Democrats are facing ahead of the 2024 presidential election? We’re excited to read your thoughts below in the comments section.