A Recap of 2021…

The end of 2021 is getting closer and closer. Just yesterday, Americans celebrated Thanksgiving in the more traditional and heartwarming fashions.

Rather than using Skype or Zoom to be with loved ones (as people did in 2020), more Americans actually traveled across the United States to be with their family members this holiday.

Polls before Thanksgiving came out and revealed more people felt comfortable with in-person gatherings than they did during 2020. The genuineness of human connection is making a comeback amid rises in not just travel, but also overall face-to-face contact.

2021 has been quite a year and with little more than one month left before a new year arrives, recapping and reflection is a good practice.

The Fight for Freedom Intensified

One of the major themes of 2021 has been the fight for freedom. This originated in 2020, amid lockdowns, mask mandates, and more; however, things really reached a new level this year.

Months ago, Biden announced his plan to essentially force the COVID vaccine on workers nationwide, warning that anyone who refuses will find themselves out of a job.

What the president didn’t expect was Americans pushing back like never before. Businesses sued the Biden administration over this; meanwhile, multiple states joined together, filing lawsuits and declaring the federal government does not have the level of authority the president attempted to wield.

Since this, Biden’s mandate was hit with an injunction, pending further litigation. On top of this, Florida passed laws prohibiting employers from implementing COVID vaccine mandates. This enraged the White House, especially as businesses in Florida began rolling back their mandates.

American Patriotism is Alive and Well

Make no mistake, there are certain forces in the United States that aim to demonize American patriotism. They want us to believe freedom is silly and should be given up for the so-called greater good.

However, as the fight for freedom gets more intense, the patriotism of the United States continues to become more apparent. Despite the agenda of the Biden administration, Americans are not rolling over and deciding that freedom doesn’t matter.

The way the government has responded to COVID dealt some serious blows to the nation. However, in true fighting spirit, Americans are battling back and deciding that freedom does matter and is worth defending.

With the current White House administration, there is no telling what all may lie ahead as 2021 concludes and as we get closer to 2022. However, in reflecting on this year, Americans must remember that we are up for whatever challenges may be waiting for us.

What has the year 2021 been like for you or meant to you? Do you think 2021 has shined a light on the fight for freedom and American patriotism in general? Let us know in the comments area below.