Abbott Leading O’Rourke in Latest Texas Gubernatorial Poll

In the state of Texas, Republican Governor Greg Abbott is up for re-election. The ongoing Texas gubernatorial election this year is one of many races that will have monumental impacts on the nation.

Democrats have been attempting to make Texas a blue state for quite some time. They even tried to flip the Lone Star State during the 2020 presidential election; yet, these attempts ultimately failed.

Now, Democrats are trying again this year; this time, they want to take Texas by flipping the state’s governor’s mansion blue.

This explains why Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke is running to unseat Governor Abbott. However, judging from a recent Lone Star State poll, O’Rourke is on track to losing yet another election, per Breitbart News.

The Hobby School of Public Affairs Poll

According to a poll run by the Hobby School of Public Affairs, 48% of Texans would cast ballots to re-elect Governor Abbott; meanwhile, just 43% of Lone Star State residents indicated O’Rourke would get their vote.

The incumbent governor is also significantly leading O’Rourke when it comes to support from Independent voters.

For instance, 45% of Independent voters communicated they’d back Abbott; however, only 17% of Independents told the Hobby School of Public Affairs O’Rourke would acquire their vote.

As a Texas gubernatorial candidate, O’Rourke has chosen to stand by a series of anti-gun policies, something that many Lone Star State residents aren’t fans of.

It’s very clear to many people that having O’Rourke as governor of Texas would doom the state to become a replica of New York or California.

What’s ironic is many individuals and businesses have moved to Texas as a means of escaping the aforementioned blue states and their failed policies.

Grassroots Action from Governor Abbott

As O’Rourke flounders in the polls, Governor Abbott is touring across the Lone Star State and uniting with voters. Just this weekend, Abbot was given the endorsement of former President Trump when the latter held a rally in Conroe.

The Republican governor of Texas has committed to continuing policies that make Texas a thriving state for individuals, businesses, and freedom. Judging from the polls, Abbott appears to be connecting with residents of his state.

At the end of the day, the nation has had a good look at the type of leadership Democrat governors have to offer. The mass migration from blue states to red states is a clear indicator that pluralities of US voters want the perks of freedom over despotism.

What do you think of the latest Texas poll showing that Governor Abbott is leading his left-wing opposition? Do you think the people of the Lone Star State will ultimately re-elect Abbott? Let us know how you see this playing out in the comments area below.