Adam Schiff Pulls Out All the Stops to Secure a Senate Seat

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff is currently vying to win a Senate seat in 2024. This is a critical race, seeing as Republicans are just a few seats away from having a Senate majority.

Needless to say, the 2024 election will be impactful not just because of the White House race, but also because of races that determine the balance of power in Congress.

As Schiff campaigns, he’s running into some issues that could be serious. For one thing, the release of the Durham report several weeks ago revealed that the Democratic congressman lied when he asserted to have evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

Now, in the hopes of keeping his campaign afloat, Schiff is enlisting the help of none other than Hollywood actor Mark Hamill, reports The Blaze.

Schiff Pulls Out the Big Guns

In a fundraising email, Hamill went to bat for Schiff’s character, saying the congressman didn’t do anything wrong and deserves to be in the Senate.

According to Hamill, it’s his view that Schiff’s actions amounted to nothing more than a defense of democracy and giving hope to others in dire times. Later, the Hollywood actor asserted that the congressman’s efforts were pivotal during this country’s “dark times.”

From there, Hamill also lauded what he described as “determination” and “leadership” from Schiff.

Not So Fast

Adam Schiff may want Americans to believe what Hamill is selling, but the facts couldn’t be more clear.

Schiff intentionally lied when he asserted to have evidence of a Trump-Russia collusion; this is evidence that never materialized and has since been proven to have never existed.

Time will tell what lies ahead for the lawmaker’s campaign and if he’s able to successfully transition from the House to the Senate. Though at this rate, it’s clear that Schiff will do whatever he thinks is required to get the necessary votes.