Air Travel Taking Another Turn For the Worst

Airlines and their ability to get customers to where they need to go looks to be taking a turn for the worst.

Over the weekend, American Airlines experienced a glitch that prompted pilots to completely abandon thousands of flights. Of course, the major airline released a statement, saying the issue has been cleared up and operations won’t take any subsequent hits.

Meanwhile, Delta Airlines has been paying people $10,000 to not take their trips, due to overbooked flights. This caused a mixed review of responses online, however.

Some Americans questioned why Delta wouldn’t put this capital towards expanding its workforce in order to keep up with travel demands.

However, with new cancellations taking place, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was forced to make an announcement on the matter, per Washington Examiner.

Compensation Options For Travelers

The Fourth of July weekend has been an issue for airlines and travelers alike. With flight cancellations piling up, Buttigieg announced via Twitter on Saturday that a “prompt refund” is owed to travelers whose flights got cancelled.

With this announcement came an attached link to the Transportation Department’s Consumer Protection website.

Buttigieg claims to be in regular contact with the country’s major airlines, considering all the issues the latter is having. By the time Saturday morning wrapped up, 2,000 flights ended up being delayed; whereas 500 were cancelled entirely.

The Transportation Department’s policy is to refund travelers when airlines lose their luggage, delay/cancel their flights, or even make modifications to which class service travelers can fly with.

Growing Exasperation Toward Airlines

At this time, travel issues appear to be getting more frequent, rather than being dealt with once and for all.

Father’s Day weekend last month also saw massive travel disruptions, many of which prevented people from attending events and engagements they were looking forward to.

With Independence Day weekend being a repeat of this, Americans nationwide want to know how long this will drag on.

It’s been pointed out how the federal government gave airline companies billions in funding to keep their operations afloat amid COVID. Now, inquiring minds want to know where that money went and how long ongoing problems with flights will continue to last.

Back in June, Sen. Bernie Sanders proposed a solution that he believes will get airlines back in check.

The Vermont congressman urged the Transportation Department to begin fining airlines anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 per traveler whenever flights end up being delayed and cancelled.

Across the border, there are growing debates about what, if anything, the federal government can do to ensure that travelers aren’t dealing with these major airline disruptions on a consistent basis.

What do you think it’s going to take for airlines to stop having these outstanding disturbances time and time again? Below, in the comment section, please let us know.