America May Soon Face a Shortage of Teachers

The past couple of years have not been the smoothest for America’s teachers. Many teachers have been forced to significantly alter how they’re giving lessons, due to school closures.

Right now, many teachers are finding themselves stuck with issues like mandates, disapproving parents, battles between teachers’ unions vs. city leaders, and more.

Meanwhile, kids in their most crucial years of development are seeing themselves caught in the crossfire.

Countless studies confirm that remote learning deprives children of the necessary in-person interactions that are required for their growth on mental, emotional, and social levels.

Currently, information out of Fox Business indicates that America could be looking at teacher shortages in the not-so-distant future.

The Current Status of Teachers in the United States

Teachers Pay Teachers data should have Americans very concerned.

This data shows that during November 2021, a whopping 48% of teachers thought about stepping down from their occupations. This marks a notable rise from June 2021, when only 32% of teachers felt this way.

More than three in ten teachers have also considered career changes, whereas 11% of teachers pondered taking leaves of absence.

According to some teacher education officials, the rising lack of value that some people are associating with the teaching profession is causing significant problems.

Meanwhile, the number of college students who are looking to get decrees in education is also on a decline.

At this time, teachers are dealing with serious feelings of stress; COVID and the various ways in which it’s being handled are only serving to worsen teachers’ stress levels.

Issues with Teachers Unions

At this time, the Chicago Teachers Union is making national headlines over a walkout they did, refusing to come to work. According to the union, teachers don’t feel safe going back to classrooms and in-person learning.

These claims of not feeling safe come in spite of available masks, vaccines, and booster shots. Furthermore, in doing this, the Chicago Teachers Union has incurred the ire of Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Lightfoot has maintained that studies show classrooms are safe and children need to be in classrooms in order to learn.

Furthermore, just earlier this month, the Chicago mayor declared that any teacher who maintains their refusal to come in to work in person will be put on status of zero pay.

Teachers unions additionally face criticism from conservatives who say they’re not placing kids’ best interests at heart. Teachers unions are furthermore the subject of censure for expecting to be paid without coming into work and doing their jobs.

What do you think about the crisis that teachers in America are facing today? Do you believe all of this drama is going to lead to shortages in the teaching profession later down the line? Let us know in the comments area.