American University Students Go Full Soviet

A recent survey from the Challey Institute for Innovation and Growth at North Dakota State University (NDSU) shows very disturbing results about American higher education.

This survey shows over 50% of university students polled favor reporting teachers who cause them to be offended.

While left-wing college students find it offensive for a teacher to speak openly against abortion, right-wing college students, in opposition, find it offensive for a teacher to support abortion.

So how does it work exactly to have your reputation and job on the line for being offensive? Offensive to who exactly? Let’s clarify the term “offensive.”

Me and My Hurt Feelings

This NDSU survey was carried out by professors John Bitzan, Ph.D. and Clay Routledge, Ph.D.

They looked at student attitudes to free speech and how much room a professor should have to speak freely in the lecture hall. According to half of the students polled: not much!

So what does it mean to be “offensive?”

Offense is technically speech that causes a person to be the victim of injustice, a word that depreciates, that possesses the ability to insult or affront.

After clarifying the true meaning of what is offensive, I can say, at this point, I feel offended by students who think being offended means they can silence someone.

So, let’s take a deeper look at this research.

In total, 56 percent of undergraduates who were polled said professors who offend them should be reported. This cohort includes 70% of students who identify as independent and 85 percent of students who identify as liberal.

In other words, left-leaning students want professors to parrot progressive talking points for them like dancing monkeys or keep their damn mouths shut.

It Gets Worse…

The NDSU poll also found that 78% of progressive students, 43% of conservative students, and 62% of independents want fellow classmates to be able to be reported for saying “offensive” things.

This is Soviet-level monitoring and citizen surveillance.

It’s like academic North Korea. How can anything interesting or true be debated in an environment where professors and students are terrified of saying the wrong thing that hurts someone’s feelings and getting in deep trouble?

We all know what this survey is really showing. While 43% of conservatives say offensive remarks should be reportable, this is clearly pushback against the growing liberal dominance in higher education.

Professors who go too woke have never got in trouble; punishment only functions in the other direction. So what is this precious progressivism?

It’s spoiled youngsters just out of the basement and living on their parents’ credit cards who believe they are God judging from heaven on evil white capitalism.

They believe they’re ushering in some divine paradise, while they’re actually installing a real hell on earth.

Do they want to force us to progress all the way out of our own minds, or maybe stick a chip in us to make sure we don’t engage in wrong-think?

Learning to Hate America

One of the questions in the research was whether academic classes and activities influenced or changed a student’s view of America. More than 56% of students said yes, college changed the way they see America.

The vast majority said it was for the worse. I’m not surprised. Are any of us?

Progressives on duty are always creating more ‘phobic’, ‘racist’ terms, inciting hatred for America and convincing us all this land is the seat of all evil.