Americans Largely Worse Off Under Biden

Narratives from the Biden administration continue to be in conflict with the lived realities of the American people.

The White House claims it’s not impeding US domestic energy production; however, the 11,000 Keystone XL pipeline workers who lost their jobs last January, due to Biden’s executive order, claim otherwise.

At one point, the Biden administration even said inflation was going to be transitory; yet, since May 2021, inflation has been wreaking havoc on the lives of the American public.

The White House claims it’s “building back better,” however, in actuality, jobs are not where they should be; neither is the supply chain or the rising costs of living.

Now, a brand new poll shows a plurality of Americans today are worse off in Biden’s America than they were one year prior, per Breitbart News.

Dark Days in America

This week, I&I/TIPP released a poll in which they asked Americans whether their families were doing better, the same, or worse than they were precisely 12 months ago. The answers were harrowing, to say the least.

42% of Americans conceded they were worse off than they were one year ago. This was followed by 36% who told the pollster they were about the same. Meanwhile, only two in ten people said they were better off than they were 12 months ago.

The pollster irrevocably shows Biden’s time in the White House hasn’t led to the greatness and prosperity he promised while running for president. In fact, the Biden White House has brought the polar opposites of greatness and prosperity to America.

This is evidenced by not just the I&I/TIPP poll, but also by various surveys documenting massive disapproval with Biden’s leadership and his responses to various issues like inflation and expensive gas prices.

The One Way Out

At this point, the only way for Americans to get out of these dark days is by electing new leaders.

The Biden administration has repeatedly been given feedback on its job performance. Americans have consistently let this president and his White House know the favored policies to bring about changes.

Biden isn’t going to do it. He cares more about his own agendas than he does about the welfare of the American public.

Therefore, getting this administration out of power and ushering in leaders who put American interests first is the only solution. Sadly, Biden won’t be up for re-election until 2024.

However, Democratic lawmakers who have helped reinforce Biden’s agenda are up for re-election this year. Without these legislators, the president will have a significantly reduced capacity to do damage.

This is why much of the nation’s fate is riding on the outcome of November’s elections.

Is your life today better or worse than it was one year ago? Please be sure to let us know in the comments area.