Americans Now Ready to Move Past COVID

With every day that passes, it is getting more apparent that people aren’t going to put up with the government ruling their lives with ceaseless strings of COVID restrictions.

This is evident not just here in the United States, but also in Canada. Right now, truckers are engaging in a freedom convoy, holding their ground until leaders pull back their COVID restrictions once and for all.

Word has it that people here in the states are planning to host a US freedom convoy. Apparently, this is now on the radar of the Department of Homeland Security and the Biden administration.

As the world at large rejects COVID restrictions, a new poll signals Americans’ interest in moving on from this virus, as Breitbart News reports.

The Demise of COVID Mania

A poll released by The Economist/YouGov shows that 44% of people in the United States are of the view that the worst aspects of this virus have come and gone.

Only 17% believe the virus will worsen. This leaves 22% who remain undecided and 16% who believe the country is presently facing the worst of COVID.

Meanwhile, growing numbers of Democrat leaders in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and other blue states are rolling back mask mandates. Furthermore, health officials who were all in for mandates are now calling for restrictions to be rolled back.

The rise of Democrat governors pulling back restrictions has led to the press questioning the White House on when they will follow suit.

According to press secretary Jen Psaki, the White House is standing by what “health and medical experts” deem is correct.

Game Over

For two years, people have been pushed and told to comply with lockdowns, capacity restrictions on business, mask requirements, and vaccine mandates.

Moreover, the “health and medical experts” heralded by the Biden administration have repeatedly changed their talking points and been inaccurate.

They claimed COVID vaccines would stop the spread of the virus and end the pandemic. Both of these claims were wrong.

The so-called experts likewise declared that getting vaccinated against COVID would mean the end of face coverings; however, this, too, was false.

At some point, there comes a time when people have enough and are pushed too far. After two years of people’s entire lives being uprooted, that time is now.

Uprisings appear projected to continue until policy leaders get the message and take down the mandates they so eagerly implemented. One way or another, the Biden administration will need to get on board.

What do you think about the new poll showing that more than four out of ten Americans think the worst of COVID has come and gone? We’d be thrilled to get your insight in the comments section.