Another Tough Break for Anti-Filibuster Democrats

The vast majority of today’s Democrat Party wants to take a hammer to the Senate filibuster. Since President Biden got into office, Democrats have been screaming that the filibuster needs to go.

They claim the filibuster is racist and currently stopping real and necessary change from getting passed into law. However, this anti-filibuster attitude from the Democrats is new…and not at all genuine.

When Trump was president and when Republicans controlled Congress, Democrats used the filibuster very liberally. They constantly filibustered to halt the GOP’s agenda; yet, now that the filibuster doesn’t benefit Democrats as the majority party in Congress, they want it gone.

Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin is one of the few congressional members of his party that is openly opposed to ending the filibuster. Now, a fresh report from Breitbart News shows that Manchin’s not very likely to change this view, so long as he’s in office.

Why the Senate Filibuster is Here to Stay

According to a poll by Honest Election Project, most supporters of Sen. Manchin are in favor of the filibuster remaining as is. A look at the specific numbers shows that 56% of voters in West Virginia would be more likely to oppose Manchin’s re-election if he pushed to end the filibuster.

Meanwhile, another 63% of West Virginians (and seven in ten of Manchin’s supporters) hold the view that watering down the filibuster would create chaos, violence, and danger.

This shouldn’t come as a complete shock. Despite Manchin being a Democrat, West Virginia is a very conservative state. Therefore, it makes sense that the Democrat representing the state in Congress is not a radical, woke leftist, but rather a moderate to somewhat conservative Democrat.

There is no doubt that the progressive wing of the Democrat Party wants Manchin to vote against the Senate filibuster; however, people in West Virginia who can either vote him into another term or vote him out of office want the filibuster to remain as is.

A Loss for the Radical Left

Progressives continue to rage against both Manchin and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, another moderate Democrat in Congress. However, all the angry tweets won’t change a thing.

The message from Manchin’s constituents and voters is very clear. They want the Senate filibuster to remain in place. Furthermore, the West Virginia senator himself acknowledges the means by which the filibuster preserves democracy, checks and balances, etc.

The only reason progressives want to end the filibuster now is they want free reign to pass whatever crazy bills they like with no one to stop them. Thankfully, Democrats don’t have the votes to make that happen.

What do you make of this latest poll on Sen. Joe Manchin and the Senate filibuster in the United States Congress?