AOC Calls for White House to Be “Bullied” Over Student Loan Debt

When Joe Biden was a candidate in the 2020 presidential election, one of the top campaign promises he made was ending student loan debt.

Biden spoke to his base and said he understood their plight of having to deal with loan payments for the sake of investing in their futures.

The reality is that Biden was never in the position to vow that his presidency would bring about the erasure of student loans. This is something Congress would have to agree upon; it’s not something Biden can do on his own, even as the president.

Despite this reality, Democrats like House Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez remain under the illusion that Biden can end student loan debt with the stroke of his pen.

This is why the far-left congresswoman is calling for the White House to be “bullied” into ending student loan debt, as covered by Breitbart News.

The Latest from AOC on Student Loans

During an Instagram Live session earlier this week, Ocasio-Cortez was sent a question by someone who called for the cancellation of student loan debt so they can purchase a house.

The congresswoman responded to this by incorrectly declaring that congressional approval is not needed to end student loan debt and Biden can make it happen himself. She then called for her supporters to “bully” the White House until the president does what they want.

Ocasio-Cortez also made sure to opine that “bullying” the White House was successful in getting Biden to issue and extend various moratoriums on student loan payments.

However, the congresswoman declared via Instagram Live that it’s time for progressives to “finish the job” once and for all and make student loan debt a thing of the past.

No Such Luck

Democrats who are waiting for Biden to sign an executive order which makes their student loans disappear are going to be disappointed.

This is simply not something within the realm of a president’s powers. Taking out student loans is also a choice. Many people pursue other avenues of higher education or career paths.

Furthermore, there’s a view that says student loan debt erasure isn’t fair to people who actually went to university and then paid off their debts.

That’s not to mention the reality that “loan forgiveness” is really just a fancy way of calling for debt that people knowingly took on to be passed along to other taxpayers.

Progressives are more than free to scream at the White House that they want their student loans to be forgiven. However, their most realistic hope is another moratorium placed on payment due times.

What do you think about the outrage Biden is facing from progressives over his broken promise to end their student loan debts? We welcome your feedback in the comments area.