Apple Now Being Sued Over AirPods Complications

Apple products are widely popular these days. From iPads to iPhones, MacBooks, Apple watches, and more, millions of people use at least one product from the tech company known as Apple.

The rise of Apple also comes as technology is becoming more infused with daily life. People use technology to keep up with their friends, work, run and promote businesses, etc.

However, with the rise of technology, there is always the potential for things to go wrong. This is exactly what happened with one boy who suffered hearing loss issues after using AirPods.

According to The Hill, the boy’s parents are now suing Apple as a result of their son’s hearing loss.

A Closer Look at the Lawsuit Against Apple

The problem with the boy wearing AirPods arrived when an amber alert went out.

The boy’s parents, in their lawsuit, allege that the amber alert caused their son’s eardrum to tear, along with inflicting serious harm to his cochlea.

Court documents then go on to note how the child’s right ear suffers from hearing loss that will last permanently. On top of that, the boy is alleged to be facing nausea, vertigo, dizziness, and tinnitus.

In this lawsuit against Apple, the boy’s parents made it very clear they think the company is responsible for the harm inflicted upon their son.

Apple is accused of fraud, gross negligence, and knowingly selling a product that was defective.

According to the lawyer representing the parents, Apple didn’t live up to its obligations as a company. The parents feel as though this tech company failed to supply the proper warning about volumes of its AirPods.

A Different Version of Events From Apple

This current lawsuit against Apple has gained national attention. In light of this reality and the nature of the lawsuit, Apple has responded to the claims from the boy’s parents.

According to the tech company, its AirPods don’t come with features that alert users about safe volume levels.

Meanwhile, the boy’s parents believe due to the permanent injuries their son suffered while using Apple’s AirPods, the company ought to be held liable accordingly.

While the aforementioned injury from AirPods usage is not reported as common, there has been some talk about the volume levels that come along with these devices.

Time will ultimately tell what comes from this lawsuit and whether or not the parents of the injured son are able to prevail in these legal proceedings.

What do you think about the young boy who suffered permanent hearing damage as a result of an amber alert that went off while he was wearing AirPods?

Do you believe Apple is responsible for this? We’d be happy to know your take on all this in the comments area below.