Artificial Intelligence Coming to the Food Industry

In the food industry, there’s been a lot of talk over the course of years now regarding $15 per hour. It also goes without saying that many workers in the fast food industry believe they should be making at least $15 per hour from their jobs.

However, with the rise of technology, artificial intelligence, etc., workers in the industry have been warned to be careful about pushing for $15 per hour. This is because more companies are beginning to consider the incorporation of artificial intelligence.

This is true not just in the fast food industry, but also in the service sector in general. Already, Walmart and other similar stores have self-checkout lanes that basically eliminate the jobs of cashiers and baggers.

Now, Fox Business reports that BurgerFi has introduced robots to deliver food to people.

Artificial Intelligence Meets BurgerFi

BurgerFi’s Jupiter, Florida location now has a robot named “Patty” that will be bringing food to the tables of customers who are dining in.

The company’s chief technology officer Karl Goodhew explained the reasoning behind this robot and whether or not this is a direction BurgerFi plans to stick with in the future. According to Goodhew, robots could ultimately be the solution to issues companies are facing with worker shortages.

This is especially the case in the restaurant sector and in other industries which are based on service. The chief technology officer furthermore stated that artificial intelligence will play a vital role in BurgerFi customers getting the best experience.

Another measure BurgerFi plans to take which involves artificial intelligence is the use of QR codes. These codes will ultimately allow the company’s customers to place orders from their mobile devices instead of having to wait in lines.

At this time, it is very clear BurgerFi intends to embrace artificial intelligence to boost both profits and the quality of customers’ experiences, while simultaneously cutting back on labor shortage problems.

Concerns About Artificial Intelligence

Some people on social media have criticized BurgerFi’s use of a robot, claiming it’s taking away jobs that could go to human beings. However, for years on end now, it’s been common knowledge that artificial intelligence is going to be increasingly integrated into the workforce.

Many people are being urged to ensure they have skills which can be utilized and not easily automated. It’s believed that people working in the service industry and similar sectors will suffer the hardest hits as automation continues entering the workforce.

Nevertheless, some proponents of artificial intelligence believe it can actually make the jobs of workers easier, rather than booting them out of employment altogether.

What are your thoughts about the new robot BurgerFi is using to take food to customers? Where do you stand on artificial intelligence entering the workforce? In the comments area below, share your views.