Baby Formula Shortages Are Projected to Last For Months

For the past couple of weeks, news about baby formula shortages has made the news. This is naturally distressing to many parents of babies. After all, numerous babies rely on specific brands of formula in order to survive.

Various stories have made the news of parents struggling to find baby formula and even driving hours just to purchase it. Then, there are parents who have ended up buying baby formula en masse when they were able to locate some of it.

Given the critical nature of this situation, the Biden administration is being called upon to take action. Thus far, this president is asleep at the wheel, as per usual.

Unfortunately, healthcare company Abbott Nutrition is saying that current baby formula shortages could be a problem for months on end, per Fox Business.

Bad News For Parents and Babies

Abbott Nutrition, on Wednesday, released a statement regarding viral baby formula shortages. Sadly, this news was far from reassuring.

The company mentioned that issues with its manufacturing facility are what’s ultimately causing the hold-up with parents being able to buy formula for their babies.

Later, Abbott Nutrition stated that once it gets the green light from the FDA, its Sturgis site can resume operations within 14 days.

However, from this point, it could take as long as two months before baby formula is readily available for consumers to purchase.

The closure of the Sturgis manufacturing facility took place when four babies caught bacterial infections after ingesting products made at the facility.

Two of the babies tragically lost their lives, thus leading to a probe from the FDA.

More Necessary Action From the FDA

Despite the reason behind the FDA shutting down Sturgis, it still doesn’t erase the serious bind that parents and babies are being put into.

Since Abbott Nutrition’s manufacturing site hasn’t yet been given the OK to resume operations, Americans are demanding for the FDA to take more action to alleviate this burden.

This past Tuesday, the FDA alleged to be taking every step “in its power” to ensure that access to baby formula is readily available.

This is not that comforting to parents who need baby formula for their children now, yet cannot purchase any because of shortages.

On Wednesday, May 25, the House Energy and Commerce Committee is going to hold a formal hearing as a means of addressing this shortage in baby formula.

One thing is for certain, though. Parents nationwide will need to have access to baby formula well before two months’ time. The lives of their children literally depend upon it.

What do you think about the FDA’s response to the baby formula shortage? Let us know in the comments area below what you believe about how this is being handled.