Beto O’Rourke Claims to Oppose Critical Race Theory

In Texas, the state’s gubernatorial primary election has come and gone. On the GOP side, Governor Abbott secured the nomination as expected; meanwhile, on the side of the Democrats, Beto O’Rourke is the nominee.

Thus far, every single poll has shown the Texas governor ahead of his Democrat opponent. Meanwhile, Abbott has a far larger war chest than O’Rourke, something the latter is clearly trying to overcompensate for.

In the weeks before the primary, the Texas Democrat made an extreme about-face on guns.

O’Rourke went from saying, “hell yes, we’re gonna take your guns” to declaring that he doesn’t want to take things from anyone and actually desires to safeguard the Second Amendment.

This led to Abbott and other Republicans warning that O’Rourke will say anything to win this election.

Now, the Texas Democrat is truly proving the GOP right with majorly flip-flopping on another issue, this one being critical race theory, according to Fox News.

O’Rourke on Critical Race Theory

During a campaign event in Victoria, Texas, O’Rourke was questioned about whether or not he believes critical race theory ought to be taught in the Lone Star State’s grade schools.

At first, the Texas Democratic candidate declared that critical race theory was only being taught in law schools, rather than grade schools.

However, when O’Rourke was later pressed about whether or not he supports critical race theory in schools period, the Texas Democrat declared that he does not.

O’Rourke’s claim to not support critical race theory comes as his party has been pushing these Marxist teachings while simultaneously gaslighting any Republican who claims critical race theory is wrong and divisive.

The Truth About Beto O’Rourke

It would be unwise for anyone in Texas or the rest of America, for that matter, to believe that O’Rourke has magically had epiphanies when it comes to matters like gun rights and critical race theory.

At this time, it’s more than clear that the Texas Democrat is willing to utter just about any talking point that he believes will get him into the Lone Star State’s governor’s mansion.

O’Rourke showed Texans and the rest of the nation exactly who he is when he called for the stripping away of individuals’ gun rights. Moreover, the Democrat Party’s choice to collectively rally around critical race theory sends a very important message.

With the Texas governor’s race coming down to Abbott vs. O’Rourke, it is vital for Texans to re-elect the current governor, rather than letting a Democrat take over the state.

What do you think about Beto O’Rourke coming out against critical race theory? Do you believe he’s sincere about it or just trying to win an election? Please let us know in the comments area.