Beto O’Rourke Slammed For Crashing Press Conference on Uvalde Shooting

The United States remains collectively in mourning over the Ulvade elementary school shooting that claimed the lives of multiple children and teachers.

The gunman died amid a shootout with law enforcement officers. However, there are still many parents and children whose lives will never quite be the same again.

On Wednesday, the day after the shooting, Texas Governor Greg Abbott gathered with community officials and the media to hold a press conference on the tragedy.

Unfortunately, it was during this time that Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke (who is also running to be the state’s next governor) chose to crash the press conference and make it all about him.

This did not go over well for O’Rourke, as documented by The Hill.

A Horrible Look For O’Rourke

During the Texas governor’s press conference, he talked about a lot of things pertaining to the tragedy in Uvalde, including mental health.

However, O’Rourke interjected, accusing Abbott of “doing nothing.” O’Rourke, despite being warned by Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, continued afterward with more accusations.

The Texas Democrat declared that what happened in Uvalde turned out to be “predictable” and will keep on happening. Later, O’Rourke said that Texas children need someone to stand up for them or they will otherwise keep dying.

At this point, Mayor McLaughlin referred to O’Rourke as a “sick son of a b*tch,” slamming the Texas Democrat for trying to politicize the press conference. O’Rourke was subsequently escorted out of the press conference by security officials.

When the media later asked Governor Abbott for comment on O’Rourke’s outburst, Abbott stated the appropriate course of action now is to stop future school shootings, rather than seeking to politicize them.

The governor also mentioned that shouting isn’t going to fix the broken hearts of people in Texas.

Political Grandstanding

Since O’Rourke’s decision to crash the Uvalde press conference, he’s taken a lot of heat. Many people believe the Texas Democrat was simply trying to help his own gubernatorial campaign, rather than make a real difference to prevent future school shootings.

In the polls, Abbott has been consistently ahead of O’Rourke. The Texas Democrat is also doing poorly with Independent voters in Texas, along with carrying a much smaller war chest than the governor.

Critics have also stated that if O’Rourke was truly serious about protecting the lives of children, he’d support measures that involve having security officials in schools.

Law enforcement is used to protect banks, politicians, airports, etc., yet somehow, children in schools don’t get the same level of security.

What are your thoughts about Beto O’Rourke crashing a press conference that was geared towards the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas? Please share your views about what happened in the comments feed.