Biden Administration Accuses of Handing Out Free Crack Pipes

America has a serious problem with drugs. This is a problem that’s been made worse by mass levels of fentanyl entering the United States from across the southern border.

Of course, if the federal government would do its job and uphold the country’s laws on immigration, there would be much fewer drugs being spread around.

Unfortunately, the Democrat Party’s approach to tackling drug problems in the United States has not been good. Democrats have suggested communities should have safe zones where people can shoot up, albeit with lower risks of overdosing.

To make matters even worse, the White House is now being accused of funding crack pipe access in various communities, according to Fox News.

Renewed Controversy Over the Biden Administration and Crack Pipes

In various facilities located in Maryland, Virginia, New York, and Washington D.C., there are reports that crack pipes have been found in supposedly “safe” kits for smoking.

Yet, months ago, the federal government told everyone that it wouldn’t be giving out crack pipes.

Naturally, since crack pipes have been discovered in these facilities, people have some questions for the White House.

On Thursday, the Biden administration was asked about this. To this end, departing White House press secretary Jen Psaki denied federal funding for these crack pipes.

Psaki claimed it’s not the policy of the federal government to put crack pipes into smoking kits in various facilities across the nation. She even deemed reports to the contrary as “conspiracies.”

Finally, the exiting press secretary said what the federal government is funding happens to be support programs for folks struggling with drug addiction.

Pushback Against Psaki’s Dismissal

In spite of the departing White House press secretary saying that crack pipes found in these facilities across the country are conspiracies, many folks aren’t buying it.

Psaki and the White House have been accused of lying. They’ve also been raked across the coals for the struggles parents are facing when it comes to accessing baby formula.

On top of this, reports have even come out that the White House is actually giving baby formula to illegal immigrants at the border whereas American parents and babies are going without this resource.

When questioned about the plights American parents are facing with getting formula for their babies, the White House stated these parents are free to call their doctors.

To this day, the White House has yet to come up with any solutions to baby formula shortages or the crack pipes mysteriously being found in facilities across multiple states.

What do you think about crack pipes being found in smoking kits across numerous states? Do you believe the White House when it writes off crack pipes as “conspiracies?” Please share with us in the comments area.