Biden Administration Announces Anti-racist Road Development Program

"Increasing Access to Clean Transit Options" by Governor John Carney

During a recent press conference, US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced the administration will be rolling out a $1 billion program, aimed to repair the US’ “racist” infrastructural system.

If you’re confused as to how roads and highways can be racist in nature, you’re not alone, but Pete never shied away from a challenge, no matter how absurd.

He explained the Reconnecting Communities Program will rebuild segregated communities divided by racist roadwork.

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“Woke” politics reaches a whole new level

Aside from the project sounding like a load of baloney, chances are it’ll only be applicable to African-American communities, completely marginalizing the low-income communities with a majorly white population.

The “anti-racist” project is set to provide financial support for five years. The focus will be on communities with a majority black population impacted by the 1950s interstate highway expansion projects.

Buttigieg claims there are dozens of cases like this all across the country.

He says neighborhoods and communities were cut off because of how a piece of infrastructure was built. While access to transport is a universal right, there’s no need to drive a divisive pin between communities based on their ethnicity.

Unfortunately, the Transportation Secretary doesn’t believe this to be the case.

He is instead choosing to drone on about the idea that some of these infrastructure projects were built purely to segregate these “vibrant communities,” as he likes to call them.

Republicans slam Buttigieg for absurd claims

Much like the rest of the “woke” Democrats, Buttigieg is convinced America was built entirely on racism and white supremacy.

He is pushing the questionable narrative of politicians purposely replacing and eliminating black neighborhoods.

Biden isn’t too far off, either.

He already submitted proposals for the American Jobs Plan in 2021, all of them containing a similar agenda to Buttigieg’s, albeit with the lack of the word “racist” glued to every sentence.

However, if we look at the AP report, many experts believe the project’s $1 billion budget won’t come close to handling upwards of 50 citizen-led efforts to reinvent the aforementioned “racist roadways.”

Republicans, on the other hand, took this opportunity to slam the liberals for their absurd ideas, with many of them taking to Twitter to criticize Buttigieg for saying roads and highways can be racist in nature.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis mocked the idea from the very start, claiming Buttigieg was desperate to turn an otherwise standard infrastructure project into one focused on social issues.

DeSantis added that to him, a road is a road.

He’s not wrong either. We’ve seen the Democrats jump through dozens of hoops just to present an issue in a different light.

Although if we ranked all of those attempts at cramming “woke” buzzwords into policies, this one would easily make it into the top ten.