Biden Administration Forced to Face Inflation

Inflation has been a persisting issue in the United States for months on end. This ultimately boils down to the recent $1.9 trillion spending bill passed months ago; however, the $1.2 trillion legislation Biden signed into law last week certainly won’t do the economy any favors.

For quite some time, the Biden administration has been intentionally downplaying the reality of inflation. First, they said it wouldn’t happen; then, they claimed inflation would be nothing more than transitory.

The lies and excuses simply do not hold water. Contrary to the beliefs of the White House, Americans aren’t stupid.

Furthermore, as inflation continues to get more out of control, the Biden administration has been forced to admit the truth, as Washington Examiner points out.

Facing the Music on the U.S. Economy

On Monday, President Biden declared the United States has quite a journey ahead before the “pain” from COVID is fully fixed.

Apparently, this was the president’s indirect and begrudging way of acknowledging Americans are facing inflation levels not seen in multiple decades.

Later, Biden went on to profess he’s aware situations are “hard” for many Americans, due to higher costs. What Biden did not mention is his own policies and spending bills have engendered these higher costs.

Multiple polls have shown Americans growing increasingly displeased with Biden’s handling of inflation. Now, it appears the 46th president’s handlers put together a speech for him and told him to at least make it look like he understands what is happening.

Devaluing the American Dollar

The immense tragedy of what Americans see with inflation is that all of this could have been avoided. Yet, Democrats and Joe Biden chose to pass wasteful spending bills, hence the present economic crisis.

This president is furthermore responsible for devaluing the worth and spending power of the American dollar. Therefore, companies like Dollar Tree are announcing they’re going to be increasing the prices consumers have to pay.

At this time, inflation is expected to continue into a good part of 2022. Many Americans have concerns that months from now, inflation could be even higher than it currently is.

What this means is life is going to continue to get harder for many families in the United States. It also means stores will be forced to increase their prices, thus costing consumers even more money than they’re paying now.

This, apparently, is what the president of the United States believes is building back better. This couldn’t be more unfortunate for the many struggling Americans across the country.

What do you think about Biden’s loose acknowledgement of inflation? What do you think the White House should do to lessen the burden of higher prices in the nation? Let us get your thoughts in the comments area below.