Biden Administration Loses Yet Another Aide

Since November, reports about trouble and animosity in the Biden White House have materialized. Apparently, there’s trouble in paradise. The 46th president spoke about restoring unity across the nation; yet, he can’t even unify his own White House.

Apparently, there are some real issues between Biden and Harris. Last month, reports surfaced about Biden and his team using Harris as the fall person for the administration’s failures.

Meanwhile, the vice president herself has lost several aides in a relatively short time period. The loss of these aides comes amid rumors that Harris is difficult to work for and furthermore known to berate her own employees.

Now, Fox News confirms the White House managed to lose yet another aide.

The Latest Aide to Step Down from the White House

Tyler Moran, Biden’s senior adviser on migration, is stepping down from her post. In a statement announcing Moran’s departure, the White House described her as an “invaluable”  team member before saying she’s played a significant role in the administration’s management of immigration.

Granted, this isn’t saying much, seeing as illegal immigration is a very real problem. Right now, human traffickers, drug dealers, and other unsavory individuals are running amuck at the border as the Biden administration does absolutely nothing about it.

Apparently, Moran only planned to work for the White House for just one year; however, seeing as she started her work as the senior migration adviser in July, her January 2022 departure will only mark six months on the job.

At this time, the Biden administration believes it can have a replacement for Moran ready to go within six weeks’ time. Moreover, the White House’s statement about the aide’s departure mirrors remarks they have made about other staffers who decided to step down.

Why is There So Much Turnover?

The million-dollar question many Americans would love the answer to is why there’s so much turnover existing in the White House. However, this is clearly a matter the Biden administration isn’t too keen to speak with the public about.

For what it’s worth, the back-to-back resignations didn’t truly begin until after CNN released a bombshell report about all the difficulties the vice president is supposedly having in the White House.

There’s a very real possibility that the publicization of such details only served to worsen animosities in the White House. Perhaps aides to the administration were able to recognize a sinking ship and therefore chose to get out while the getting is good.

Americans should not be surprised if rates of turnover continue to increase within the Biden administration.

What are your views about the Biden administration’s inability to keep staffers on the beat? In the comments section below, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.