Biden Administration Provides Cover For Fetterman Post-Debate

Earlier this week, Democratic candidate for Senate John Fetterman debated GOP candidate for Senate Mehmet Oz. Both men are running to represent Pennsylvania; though Fetterman is facing a growing number of problems.

Nearly six months ago, Fetterman had a stroke. Though even with the passage of time, there are still very clear aftereffects from this health scare.

The Pennsylvania Democrat very openly struggles with speech and hearing issues. This was more than apparent during a debate against Oz where Fetterman had a quite difficult time. The same story has proven true as the Democrat campaigns in other forums.

Nevertheless, the Biden administration is very invested in securing as many Senate seats as possible for the Democrat Party. This is why the president is running cover for Fetterman, rather than being honest about how he’s doing as a candidate, per Fox News.

White House Defends Fetterman

Fetterman’s debate performance was so abysmal this week that even his campaign came under fire.

Between the issues the Democratic candidate had with hearing and answering questions, many Americans said he was in no position to debate and his campaign shouldn’t have let him go on stage anyway.

According to the White House, though, Fetterman is “talented,” “impressive,” and capable of serving a six-year Senate term.

Despite this praise from the Biden administration, Fetterman has yet to release his medical records as he’s been asked to do on multiple occasions. The matter even came up when Fetterman debated Oz this week.

At the end of the day, voters in Pennsylvania have a right to full transparency regarding the candidates running to serve them in the Senate. If Fetterman isn’t comfortable with providing this transparency, this it’s all the more reason why he shouldn’t be elected.

Additional Problems With Fetterman

The issues with the Pennsylvania Democrat go far beyond his post-stroke struggles. Fetterman has likewise demonstrated a pattern of lying about his policies and trying to cover up certain things when it’s deemed to be politically expedient.

For example, Fetterman now claims that he’s never been opposed to fracking. Yet, Fetterman is also on footage years ago, stating that he’s been against fracking and always will be.

Then, once Fetterman started taking heat for being shockingly permissive towards crime, all mention of Black Lives Matter was scrubbed from his campaign website.

The list could go on and on. Yet, at the end of the day, if Oz doesn’t defeat Fetterman, then the latter will simply be just another vote for Biden. All things considered, Americans can’t afford more Biden enablers in either chamber of Congress.

What do you think about the White House trying to provide cover for Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman, despite all the real problems he’s facing as he runs for Senate? Please let us know in the comments forum.