Biden Administration Remains in Denial on Inflation

Inflation is an ongoing plight that is robbing the American people of their income, futures, and economic security.

When President Trump was in office, inflation was a non-issue; however, Biden’s time in the Oval Office led to massive increases in government spending, hence causing inflation.

Sadly, the White House continues to be dishonest with the American people about inflation. They’ve put out every excuse in the book; meanwhile, the president and his aides continue to advocate for even more spending which will worsen inflation.

Just yesterday, Labor Secretary Marty Walsh was questioned about how the administration plans to fix inflation in the United States. Sadly, Walsh’s answer was void of any real solutions or accountability, as The Blaze points out.

Secretary Walsh on the Inflation Crisis

When the Labor Secretary sat down for an interview with Bloomberg the Open, he was asked about the administration’s solutions to beat back inflation. However, Walsh didn’t provide solutions; he only tried to pass the buck.

The Labor Secretary claimed that a “worldwide pandemic,” along with the war in Ukraine and the supply chain delays, is fueling inflation. Walsh later declared that if Russia loses access to oil, it’s going to make prices even higher here in America.

Finally, the Labor Secretary declared Biden has been “clear” about inflation and a series of discussions on the matter will be taking place in the times ahead.

Walsh’s latest excuses on inflation come after the Biden administration previously spent weeks denying that inflation would even be a real problem. Yet, at the end of the day, Americans are the ones literally paying the price.

The Only Way to Decrease Inflation

On various occasions, Biden has suggested that passing more of his spending proposals into law is the means by which to end inflation.

However, this is completely backward. In order for inflation to decrease, the government has to stop spending money. Likewise, Americans need to be able to get back to work, thus fueling the economy.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration remains bound and determined to keep pushing for more spending. During Biden’s State of the Union message this past Tuesday, he tried to sell his Build Back Better Act that failed in the Senate last year.

However, Sen. Joe Manchin, who joined the GOP in opposing Build Back Better (and therefore blocked it from passing) made it clear that Biden’s appeal on Tuesday didn’t change his mind.

The moderate Democrat also declared that he’s never come across a scenario where people could drive down prices by spending more money.

What do you think about the feedback from Labor Secretary Marty Walsh when he was asked about solutions to beat back inflation? We’d like to get your thoughts in the area for comments.