Biden Administration Under Fire for Lying About Retail Theft Responses

In different cities across the country, Americans are getting a first-hand look at the devastation and destruction associated with retail crime. Retail crime is unfortunately gripping left-wing cities and leaving storms in its wake.

The White House has since spoken out about the matter. Press secretary Jen Psaki even told the country the FBI and Department of Justice have been aligning with police departments in local cities to provide relief.

However, Americans should know by now not to take what the White House says at face value. In fact, Fox News reports the Biden administration was recently called out by the National Sheriffs Association over Psaki’s aforementioned lies.

Coming Face to Face with the Truth

The truth is the White House deceived the nation in order to save its own skin.

Psaki didn’t want Americans to believe the White House is doing nothing on retail thefts; therefore, she produced a cockamamie story about the federal government working with local law enforcement to get retail thefts under control.

This resulted in the National Sheriffs Association shutting down this lie with the truth. The organization explained while certain local law enforcement bodies have unified to stop crimes, the federal government has not had a hand in this.

Meanwhile, communities like Chicago, Illinois, San Francisco and Los Angeles, California are being left to their own devices, amid mass violent robberies. The federal government, FBI, and Justice Department are absolutely nowhere to be found.

Truth be told, the White House should be ashamed of itself for spreading such a flagrant lie. Something like this can be easily checked and confirmed; however, the Biden administration didn’t care and just wanted to say what sounded good at the moment.

Additional Lies from the Biden Administration

Believe it or not, Psaki’s lie about the federal government having an active role in stopping retail thefts follows another falsehood.

Previously, the White House also suggested the COVID pandemic was the ultimate culprit of smash and grab occurrences. Psaki took a lot of heat for this claim, with conservatives pointing out the Biden administration is in denial.

Retail thefts pose a serious public safety hazard. It’s becoming increasingly dangerous for people in leftist cities to visit pharmacies or go shopping for new outfits. As unfortunate as this is, it is the inevitable outcome of Democrat leadership with no real spine to take on crime.

As these criminal episodes continue, there’s no doubt the Biden administration will seek to spread more lies in order to avoid accountability. Unfortunately, this will lead to more people being caught in the crossfire.

Are you surprised the Biden administration has been caught in multiple lies regarding retail thefts happening in America? In the comments section below, let us know your ideas.