Biden Appears Dumbfounded When Questioned on Payments to Illegal Immigrants

President Biden wants the nation to believe he and his agenda are popular. However, a recent poll from NBC News demonstrates precisely the opposite.

71% of the country doesn’t think we’re on the right track. Meanwhile, only 37% of Americans think Biden’s competent and has the tools to handle problems when they arise.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to ascertain why Americans feel this way. One need only look at the conglomeration of disasters which comprise the Biden administration.

To top it all off, the president is trying to ram an expensive, unpopular spending bill through the halls of Congress and onto his desk so he can sign it into law.

Meanwhile, the president was recently caught off guard when questioned about his plan to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 each, as Fox News reports.

Biden Put on the Spot

On Sunday, the president held a press conference in Rome, seeing as he’s overseas to discuss climate change and other matters. However, at the end of this press conference, Biden was questioned by Fox News’ Peter Doocey.

Doocey questioned the president about whether or not he’s truly planning to grant $450,000 each to illegal immigrants who were separated from their relatives after unlawfully breaching the southern border.

Biden appeared visibly caught off guard by Doocey asking him about this. Immediately after the Fox News reporter’s question, the president turned away from the camera and even started scratching at his forehead.

Doocey’s question came after the Wall Street Journal revealed Biden’s plan to make these huge payouts to illegal immigrants. This has since absorbed massive pushback from conservatives, seeing as $450,000 is more than veterans, Gold Star families, and 9/11 victims’ families get.

Republicans also warned making these payouts will invite more illegal immigration. There is also the view that taxpayer money shouldn’t be used to fund people who break America’s immigration laws.

A Puppet President

Biden’s reaction to being questioned by Peter Doocey on this latest report from the Wall Street Journal truly says it all. Turning away and scratching his head demonstrates the president was uncomfortable.

It also indicates perhaps Biden doesn’t even know the answer to the question. Many Americans have long speculated that Biden isn’t the one truly calling the shots in the White House, despite being officially the “president.”

Regardless, the nation should not be paying $450,000 or any amount of money to illegal immigrants. We shouldn’t be encouraging and rewarding people who break the law, especially federal immigration laws.

It is high time for the Biden administration to pull itself together and stop trying to run this country down into the ground any further.

What do you think about Biden turning away from the camera and scratching his head when questioned about immigration policy? We want to know your thoughts in the comments field.