Biden Backs Down on Travel Restrictions Against African Countries

On multiple occasions, the Biden administration has been panned for its various levels of hypocrisy. There are so many examples to cite; however, one of the most recent and relevant examples deals with travel restrictions.

During the Trump administration, Trump implemented a temporary travel ban against China, as COVID was first beginning to materialize. Democrats responded by going nuts, accusing Trump of being a racist, bigot, and xenophobe.

Leftists also made the now-ironic claim that travel restrictions were an ineffective means of attempting to stop COVID; however, when Biden implemented travel restrictions against African countries last month, Democrats didn’t say a word.

Now, Fox News reports the 46th president is backing down from these restrictions on travel from Africa.

Biden’s Reversal on Travel Restrictions

When Biden chose to impose travel restrictions against African countries, he did so because of the emergence of omicron. The 46th president and his allies declared these limits as necessary, due to the series of unknown factors about this virus.

However, in present day, the Biden administration says they have enough information about this latest COVID variant to know that travel to and from Africa won’t be an issue.

In a fascinating twist, the federal government is not going to immediately lift the travel restrictions. The White House announced that in six days, on December 31, the limits on travel from African nations will no longer be in effect.

This is happening right in time for 2022. Like all other travelers who are entering into the United States, folks from these nations will need to display a test affirming they are negative for COVID before they come into America.

This test also has to have been taken within 24 hours of the time they are set to depart to the United States.

This mandate remains in effect. It is not mutually exclusive to unvaccinated travelers or travelers who are not American citizens. It regards each and every individual coming to America from a foreign nation.

New Restrictions to Come Next Year?

When it deal with mandates and restrictions regarding COVID, a good deal of people have reached their wit’s end.

There’s been a sense of exasperation and annoyance when it comes to the government and even health officials breathing down people’s necks and dictating how they live.

With growing numbers of defense mechanisms against COVID coming out, people want to be able to live their lives without feeling trapped on a never-ending hamster wheel of one COVID restriction after the other.

Thus far, the Biden administration has shown a very favorable inclination towards restrictions that impose on people’s liberties. Time will tell if this changes next year.

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