Biden Calls Out For Recently Deceased Jackie Walorski

During a White House symposium on poverty, nourishment, and health, Biden addressed GOP Rep. Walorski, who sadly died in a vehicle crash last month.

Prior to  Biden addressing the crowd, a dedication video recognizing Walorksi’s efforts on the matter was screened; however, Biden was apparently absent when the clip was aired.

Biden Forgets Death of Representative

“Jackie the representative, are you present? How is Jackie doing?”  Biden said while calling out additional elected officials who helped plan the event.

“I didn’t believe she’s going to be here,” Biden added. The president seems to have forgotten his government released a statement following the tragic passing of Walorski.

Alexander Nazaryan, a journalist for the White House Print Press Pool for the day, oddly chose to disregard Biden’s error.

White House Just Ignores Biden’s Huge Blunder

Richard Grenell mentioned that he contacted Nazaryan’s editor to ask if Yahoo News had omitted the story on purpose.

Grenell tweeted, “I have messaged @colincampbell, Alex’s Editor, to ask whether Yahoo editors told Alex to remove the Biden gaffe from the pool report – or- if Alex wouldn’t include it. Colin has not yet responded.”

Sam Stein of Politico stated that the White House refused to “admit that Biden misspoke when he questioned if the freshly killed GOP Rep. Walorski was in fact present today.”

The Daily Mail’s Rob Crilly mentioned that “misspeak” is not a suitable way of describing Biden’s gaffe. “Not sure that truly covers glancing all around the room and wondering where a dead person is,” Crilly tweeted out later.

Later that day, at a media briefing, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre asserted that Biden had Walorski on “top of mind.” Later, she even told the media that his search for the late congresswoman really was not “strange.”

“You all have seen, you all witnessed, hence why you’re posing the question, right? He was paying tribute to congressional leaders for their bipartisan leadership on this specific issue, which we have seen in the past,” Jean-Pierre said.

“Once more, she was in his thoughts because he was scheduled to visit her family in two days.” Jean-Pierre said, “I mean, that is, it isn’t an infrequent situation there.”

“Karine, I have John Lennon coming to mind every day, but I’m not searching around for him,” one journalist responded.

“When you pass a bill appointing John Lennon as president, then we’ll have this discussion,” Jean-Pierre remarked back.

Jean-Pierre then disregarded follow-up questions from the media, such as one inquiring whether Biden would make apologies to Walorski’s family.

Jean-Pierre chastised the journalist who persisted to press her for answers, adding, “it is not your moment to talk. You’re being impolite to your peers so let your colleague clarify.”

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.