Biden Calls Security of Upcoming Midterm Elections into Question

In November, Americans will have the opportunity to vote on whether the US Senate and House of Representatives stay under the control of Democrats or go back to a Republican majority.

For what it’s worth, Democrats haven’t done a very good job of handling the majority in Congress. In fact, their behavior over the past year has been all the more reason why Republicans need to regain the majority in both chambers of Congress.

The public seems to have this view also. A series of polls over the past several months have shown that Republicans are highly likely to win the midterms. Meanwhile, Democrats are faced with a series of problems.

In light of the high likelihood that Democrats will lose the November races, Joe Biden is now calling the security of these elections into question, as covered by Newsmax.

Sowing Doubt About the Sanctity of US Elections

While holding a press conference, the 46th president was questioned about whether or not the White House will view the outcome of the midterms as legitimate.

Biden responded to this by saying he couldn’t declare at face value that his administration will trust the outcome of the midterms.

He then followed this up by essentially stating the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms will depend upon whether or not Democrats manage to pass their bills designed to ban voter ID laws, hand the federal government control of state-level elections, and more.

This is deeply ironic coming from Biden and Democrats. The left has spent the last year screaming that the 2020 presidential election (which went in their favor) was legitimate and the cleanest election in history.

Yet, in the same breath, Biden and Democrats are now declaring that midterms (which are highly unlikely to go in their favor) will not be legitimate, unless they pass their desired legislation.

A November Reckoning

November will be a time of reckoning for the Democrat Party. At each and every turn, their radical agendas continue to fall and fail.

Democrats have only delivered inflation, bare shelves, supply chain mishaps, and other disasters to the American public. Their president sits at a 33% approval rating, something that clearly demonstrates he’s failed in office.

Democrat candidates don’t have a leg to stand on in the midterms. This explains why the White House is already trying to sow doubt into Americans’ minds about the security of midterm races.

Getting Democrats out of the majority in the House and Senate is going to be a vital step of getting the United States back on the right track again.

What do you think about Biden calling the legitimacy of the 2022 midterms into question, despite his party insisting the 2020 presidential election was the most legitimate election in history? Let us know in the comments area.