Biden Can’t Dodge Responsibility for Higher Gas Prices

The White House has been hard at work when it comes to dodging responsibility for its various harmful reforms.

Right now, the administration’s latest scapegoat for both inflation and gas prices is none other than Russian President Vladimir Putin. Notwithstanding Putin’s war crimes in Ukraine, this doesn’t mean Biden gets a pass for his own policies that are wreaking havoc.

Putin is not to blame for inflation; Biden and his decision to pass a series of expensive spending packages are what set inflation in motion.

Likewise, the Russian president is not responsible for higher gas prices either. The blame lies at Biden’s feet, due to his choice to cancel pipelines, oil drilling, and associated leases.

Polling is out on who Americans fault for high gas prices.

Despite the White House’s best efforts, a plurality of people in this country don’t believe that Putin is the culprit for higher gas costs, according to Breitbart News.

The Reality of High Gas Prices in America

In a new poll, Quinnipiac University questions Americans on whether they blame Biden’s economic policies, tensions in Europe, or demand surges post-COVID for the very high costs of gas these days.

24% blamed the matter on tensions in Europe, while another 24% faulted oil companies. Meanwhile, 41% of the country stated that Biden’s policies for the economy are the root cause of rising expenses at gas stations.

Of course, across partisan lines, the consensus is exactly what most people would expect.

Most Democrats fault either the war in Europe or oil companies for higher gas prices. At the same time, more than eight in ten Republicans maintain that current gas rates are because of Biden’s economic policies.

Taking Advantage of a Crisis

As the White House dodges responsibility for where gas prices stand today, it’s also trying to use this crisis to justify a move away from fossil fuels.

Just earlier this week, the president gave a speech endorsing “clean energy” and the use of electric vehicles. Biden stated electric vehicle use could save the average American $80 on a monthly basis.

What the president didn’t mention is the reality that electric vehicles are more pricey on average than vehicles relying on gas to run.

Likewise, Biden neglected to point out the construction of electrical vehicles requires the very same oil that he and his administration detest.

Despite the White House’s intentions, getting rid of oil and gas companies and fossil fuels just isn’t something that’s going to happen.

These are critical resources; the sooner the Biden administration comes to terms with this, the better off everyone will be.

Who do you think is to blame for gas prices being so expensive in America today? We’re looking forward to reading your thoughts in the comments area below.