Biden Delivers Tone-deaf Remarks During Event for Slain Police Officers

Observing the sorry leadership in the White House right now is nothing short of a travesty. America is currently stuck with a radical, authoritarian, leftist president who lacks any real grasp on how his policies are wounding the country.

In addition to this, White House officials running the federal government clearly don’t have a clue as to what they’re doing. This is evidenced by the reality that President Biden’s own chief of staff referred to the ongoing economic issues as “high-class problems.”

Furthermore, we have a press secretary who consistently lies for the Biden administration. Just last week, Jen Psaki spoke with CNN and tried to convince Americans that inflation is actually a good thing.

Over the weekend, President Biden spoke at Capitol Hill in honor of the memorial service for the National Peace Officers. However, in typical Biden fashion, the president was tone-deaf and completely missed the mark, per Newsmax.

Biden’s War on Police in the United States

During Biden’s remarks at the memorial service yesterday, he spoke about how police officers are expected to be “everything” in America. This was clearly the president’s attempt to present himself as an ally to law enforcement.

However, it rings hollow in light of Biden’s actual actions. Right now, the president has forced through illegal COVID vaccine mandates that impact many police officers across the nation. Cities and states with Democrat mayors and governors are threatening to fire police officers and other first responders if they don’t take the vaccine within a given timeframe.

Many police officers are now suing their city and state governments to either get the mandate struck down or secure exemptions without losing their jobs. Many of these officers also don’t want the shot and have no intentions of getting it.

If the president really cared about law enforcement in the country, he’d be backing police via policy and not just empty words at a memorial service. Later, Biden declared how “hard” it is to be a police officer, as if law enforcement doesn’t already know this.

Empty Lip Service

Biden’s remarks on Saturday were nothing more than empty lip service. Right now, at this very moment, there are Democrats who still want to see police officers defunded. Biden has done nothing to rein in the very prevalent, anti-cop sentiment within his own party.

Empty lip service never solved any problems. Just about anyone can stand before a podium and say words that sound good. Ultimately, it’s actions that count, especially when you’re in the position to sign bills into law and pass executive orders.

Biden should be ashamed of how he’s disrespected (and continues to disrespect) law enforcement in the United States.

What do you make of Biden’s comments about police officers over the weekend? Share your takeaways in the comments area below.