Biden Facing Bipartisan Pressure to Prevent Drug Trafficking at Southern Border

Various problems ensuing at the US southern border continue to haunt the president and his administration.

Since getting into office, Joe Biden’s been repeatedly hammered for the illegal immigration surges taking place on his watch.

To make matters even worse, a recent Supreme Court verdict gave Biden the green light to capsize Remain in Mexico, an immigration policy dating back to the Trump administration.

There are many serious crises at the southern border. However, one of them is the trafficking of the lethal drug known as fentanyl.

Given the serious, deadly damage this narcotic can cause, the GOP and Democrats are calling for Biden to stop the inflow of this drug over the border, Fox News reports.

A Bipartisan Call to Action

On Thursday, Democrats and Republicans in Congress joined forces with a new bill that specifically targets drug trafficking at the southern border.

The legislation in question would push the White House to seriously increase its efforts to ensure fentanyl isn’t getting into America.

The timing of this proposal is no coincidence, either. This issue of drug trafficking at the southern border is quite serious. In recent times, fentanyl overdose rates have been skyrocketing across the country.

The Securing America’s Borders Against Fentanyl Act has been officially brought forward by New York GOP Rep. Andrew Garbarino and Virginia Democratic Rep. Abigail Spanberger.

If this legislation passes Congress and becomes law, then $20 million will be directed towards initiatives to confiscate more drugs at the border, along with strategies to pinpoint and ascertain when fentanyl trafficking is underway.

A Life or Death Situation

With fentanyl deaths climbing, the Biden administration is having an increasingly harder time simply looking the other way on the southern border.

The border has become a new talking point for Democrats who have elections coming up this year in communities that aren’t left-wing strongholds.

Meanwhile, GOP candidates in the midterms are citing fentanyl trafficking as yet another reason why the president and his party can’t be trusted to ensure Americans’ safety.

Democrats who are vocal about the border contend the White House should back the Securing America’s Borders Against Fentanyl Act and take other measures to block this deadly drug from entering America.

Republicans, meanwhile, are saying the only way for Biden to truly get a hold of border chaos is by reinstating the immigration policies that stood when former President Trump was in office.

Additional GOP criticisms of Biden point out data documenting record increases in unlawful border crossings since he got into the White House.

Are you concerned about fentanyl trafficking at the southern border and the growing rates of Americans losing their lives to this deadly drug? In the comments space, you’re welcome to let us know your thoughts and suggested solutions to fixing this terrible problem.