Biden Fondly Remembers His Past Time Spent With Segregationists

Democrats consistently accuse conservatives and Republicans of being racists and hostile to minorities. Yet, time and time again, these claims turn out to be nothing more than projections.

It is the left that pushed through COVID lockdowns and other measures that had negative impacts on everyone, notably minorities.

During the 2020 presidential election, it was Joe Biden who said “you ain’t black” to black Americans who were planning to vote for Donald Trump. During the 1990s, it was Hillary Clinton who dismissed black men as “superpredators.”

Now, Biden is back in the hot seat, this time for openly reminiscing about his lunches with segregationists decades ago, per Fox News.

Biden on Dining with Supporters of Segregation

This past Friday, the president took a trip to Ohio for a public speaking engagement. However, Biden’s speech quickly went awry when he started talking about missing lunch sessions with “Eastland and Thurmond,” men he labeled as “real segregationists.”

Thinks took an even more twisted turn when Biden claimed that “we” actually need to “bring it back.” It’s unclear if the president was saying the United States needs to bring back segregation or if he was talking about something else entirely.

Whatever the president meant, the comments he made in Ohio about lunching with segregationists did not go over well. Biden was slammed by conservatives and others on social media over these comments.

This would not be the first time the president has made bizarre remarks such as this.

During the White House’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, Biden became confused about the first lady of Mexico’s identity. He also failed to recognize his granddaughter who was seated right in front of him.

Flashback to the 2020 Presidential Election

During the Democratic primary of the 2020 presidential election, Biden infamously clashed with then-candidate Kamala Harris.

Harris, at the time, called out Biden for teaming up with segregationists and working to prevent bussing into schools.

During the primary debate, Biden was clearly taken aback by this and tried to rebut it. However, his remarks in Ohio are a staunch reminder of what he was called out for during the debate.

Segregationists, by definition, opposed bussing. Yet, the president of the United States just stood before the whole world and revealed how much he missed having lunch with these folks as a senator.

If former President Trump (or any Republican, for that matter) were to make comments such as this, the media would go absolutely nuclear. Yet, somehow, Biden is able to get a pass.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s Ohio speech where he fondly recalled the lunches he had with segregationists while he was serving in the US Senate? Don’t hold back your thoughts in the comments area.