Biden Forced to Tone Down COVID Vaccine Mandates

COVID vaccine mandates are not shaking out how the White House would have liked for them to. When Biden announced a federal COVID vaccine mandate (and used OSHA as a vehicle for enactment), he believed threatening people’s jobs would be enough to coerce them into getting a vaccine.

However, what the president really did was ignite a fire in people. Even amid threats of job loss, countless Americans are saying no to the mandate. Some are letting their jobs send them packing.

Other people are taking to the streets, protesting constitutionally to end COVID vaccine mandates. Right now, companies and businesses are beginning to ask Biden to ease the mandates a bit, as they realize they’re set to lose significant amounts of their workforce.

Now, Newsmax is reporting the president as “backing down” from his COVID vaccine mandate deadline of December 8, 2021.

Breaking News on the COVID Vaccine Mandate

On Wednesday, the COVID response coordinator from the White House, Jeff Zients, had some interesting news regarding the December 8 deadline for workers to get vaccinated.

This official stated workers who remain unvaccinated after the aforementioned deadline will be able to undergo “counseling” and other forms of “education” and help before a potential termination.

Furthermore, the COVID response coordinator declared the White House will not order federal contractors to immediately fire their unvaccinated workers after December 8. Zients additionally declared the process of “educating” and “counseling” unvaccinated workers can happen over a course of weeks.

The Hidden Truth

What the COVID response coordinator is currently saying marks quite a change from the White House’s previous rhetoric on COVID vaccine mandates. The Biden administration is only backing down in this regard because they know having mass amounts of workers leaving their jobs won’t bode well.

Many companies have communicated to the Biden administration their qualms about losing record numbers of workers, due to the mandate. Others, such as Southwest Airlines, even reversed their previous policies that would have unvaccinated workers removed from their jobs altogether.

There’s an important lesson in this. The lesson is change happens when people stand up and say NO to tyranny. The White House’s talk of federal contractors being able to “educate” and “counsel” unvaccinated workers past the December 8 deadline comes because enough folks stood up and didn’t allow themselves to be bullied by a tyrannical president.

Workers collectively control the economy, whether or not the country is able to function, and more. No vaccine mandate from Biden will matter if staff shortages across multiple sectors happen and begin impeding the country’s capability to operate.

The White House knows this, too.

What do you think about the White House backing down from its deadline on the COVID vaccine mandate? We’d like to read all about where you stand in the comments section.