Biden, Harris Run Cover For John Fetterman Following Pennsylvania Senate Debate

Earlier this week, Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman finally lived up to his promise to debate Pennsylvania Republican Mehmet Oz in the race for the Senate.

While Oz did well in the debate, coming off as pragmatic, concise, and thoughtful in his policies, Fetterman did not.

There were many times during the debate when the Democrat was meshing words together, pausing for awkward time periods, and simply making statements that were nonsensical.

Following this debate, social media erupted with leftists and conservatives alike admitting that Fetterman had a bad night. Many Americans also said the debate proved the Pennsylvania Democrat to be completely unfit to campaign for office, let alone serve.

Though in the interest of Democrats picking up this Senate seat, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recently visited Pennsylvania in order to stump for Fetterman, per Breitbart News.

A Sad Attempt to Get Votes

While in Pennsylvania, Biden spoke highly of Fetterman, saying the Democratic Senate candidate never leaves anyone behind.

Biden then asked the crowd of Fetterman supporters to “imagine” how great it would be to have Pennsylvania represented in the Senate by two Democrats.

After lauding Fetterman’s “integrity,”  Biden also thanked Vice President Kamala Harris for joining him at the rally. The president even went as far as saying Harris is like a “sister” to him.

At the rally, Fetterman also tried to clean up his own poor performance at the debate. The Democrat said the debate was always expected to be challenging, since it happened within months of his suffering a severe stroke.

Not Up For the Job

Since the Pennsylvania Senate debate, polling has shown Oz leading Fetterman, rather than the other way around. Independents are also widely believed to be backing Oz over Fetterman.

At the end of the day, many people (both in and out of Pennsylvania) can see that Fetterman is not up for the task.

If the Democrat can’t debate without running into as many problems as he did, then he is certainly not up for being a sitting senator for six years on end.

Speech pathology lessons and other post-stroke assistance for Fetterman make sense. What doesn’t make sense is asking votes to ignore what they saw and pretend like there’s nothing whatsoever impeding the Democratic candidate.

Judging from the looks of things, most people in Pennsylvania can see that Oz is more suitable and up for the job than Fetterman. Aside from his speech and auditory issues, Fetterman’s track record on policy issues, particularly crime, is abysmal.

What do you think about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris trying to do damage control for John Fetterman after his poor debate performance? Please feel more than welcome to share your views with us in the comments section.