Biden Heavily Criticized for Ongoing Rejection of US Oil Production

As it turns out, bad things happen when America is not energy independent.

Right now, gas prices in the country have reached heights not witnessed since 2008. One factor of all this is the ongoing war in Europe between Ukraine and Russia; however, another critical factor is President Biden’s ongoing rejection of American oil production.

From the moment Biden got into the White House last year, he moved to completely dismantle the production of energy in the United States. The president did this by shutting down fracking, blocking oil drilling, banning Keystone XL Pipeline, and much more.

Now, because America is not energy independent as the world is in crisis, everyone is forced to pay much more money for gas to fill their tanks. To make matters worse, prices could get even higher.

This is a reality that has Biden significantly under fire from Americans everywhere. As The Blaze points out, folks are fed up with paying the price for Biden’s bad policies, especially when a simple solution so clearly stands before everyone.

The Overwhelming Consensus in America

Conservative governors, GOP legislators, governors, and others called out the president for placing his anti-energy agenda ahead of the American people’s best interests.

Republicans stated that it is wrong for Biden to turn to enemy nations (like Iran) or allies of Russia (like Venezuela) for oil when America can generate our own oil and energy.

Other Americans pointed out the significant surge in prices of gas proves that now is the time for Biden to immediately reopen Keystone XL pipeline and get out of the way of domestic energy production.

The White House is now openly claiming that Putin is to blame for Americans paying more money at the pumps. This is not true and most people have the wherewithal to see through the lies of this administration.

Domestic energy production would kill two birds with one stone. It would lower the prices of gas while simultaneously ending the plight of America having to rely on enemy countries for such a critical resource.

Behind the Curve in Every Sense

Earlier this week, Biden, at last, announced the ban against the imports of Russian oil. However, the president only arrived at this conclusion after being hounded on the matter by Democrats and Republicans alike.

As president of the United States, Biden wasn’t able to look around and fairly assess ongoing matters.

He wasn’t able to come to the conclusion on his own that so long as the United States was purchasing oil from the Russian regime, we were funding the regime’s terror attacks against Ukraine.

In the eyes of many Americans, this makes Biden utterly unfit to hold public office.

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