Biden Makes New Promise About Electric Vehicles

The Democrat Party continues to hitch its wagon to mandatory electric vehicles, despite the tone-deaf nature of this crusade.

Right now, Americans can barely afford their living expenses. With gas prices, interest rates, and inflation on the rise, the last thing most folks want to think about is another expense.

Yet, this is precisely what electric vehicles are all about.

For starters, purchasing an electric vehicle is more expensive than buying a car than runs on gas. However, Democrats are working hard to completely phase out gas powered cars, notwithstanding the unpopularity of this reform.

Earlier this week, Biden once again leaned into this; yet, even his comments to promote electric vehicles ran into some issues, as Breitbart News reports.

Another Gaffe While Promoting Electric Vehicles

While in California, the president drew attention to work being done with semiconductor chip manufacturing to make electric vehicles more easily accessible. According to Biden, all cars in the country will be made electric by the time “3035” gets here.

In actuality, the president meant to say “2035,” which is the year that certain states like California are planning to outlaw the sales of non-electric vehicles.

After making yet another one of his infamous gaffes, the president talked about certain vehicle companies that are planning to go electric within the years to come.

Poor Timing

Democrats have a lot of things working against them when it comes to this agenda to have everyone driving electric vehicles.

Firstly, many charging stations for electric vehicles continue to struggle with functioning. Secondly, some electric vehicles in Florida exploded in the aftermath of September’s Hurricane Ian.

On top of that, many Americans are perfectly happy with their gas-powered cars and in no rush to give them up.

Democrats are trying to coax Americans over to electric vehicles with various tax credits and what not. However, using the government to force people into electric vehicles still isn’t the slam dunk strategy the left seems to think it is.

Some Americans are criticizing Biden’s focus on electric vehicles as tone deaf, given all the challenges that folks are facing in 2022. Of all the issues concerning voters, electric vehicles certainly aren’t making the top of the list by any means.

In a nutshell, Biden’s focus on electric vehicles, rather than inflation or gas prices, doesn’t really endear people to vote for candidates who would unquestionably back his agenda.

As the president focuses on electric vehicles and makes gaffes during speeches, Republicans are using the midterms to talk with voters about policy issues that are top of mind.

What do you think about Joe Biden focusing on electric vehicles ahead of the midterm elections? Let us know in the comments area if you believe this is a smart strategy.