Biden Makes Senseless Remarks Regarding Sanctions Against Russia

For over a month now, the Russian government has been using its nations’ troops to brutalize Ukraine.

This all traces back to Russian President Putin’s misguided view that Ukraine is somehow his for the taking. Russia has bombed Ukraine’s schools, children’s centers, maternity wards, hospitals, etc.

They’ve caused countless amounts of damages, in addition to committing a series of vicious war crimes against Ukrainians. Meanwhile, Ukraine is still standing and fighting back much longer than anyone expected.

In light of Russia’s attacks, multiple nations in the West, including the United States, have issued sanctions against Russia.

Vice President Kamala Harris maintains these sanctions are meant to deter and discourage Russian aggression; White House press secretary Jen Psaki said the same thing.

However, earlier this week, Biden said precisely the opposite while speaking publicly in Europe, per Breitbart News.

Biden’s Latest Remarks on Sanctions Against Russia

During a press conference in Brussels, the current president declared he never promised that sanctions would deter Putin from attacking Ukraine.

However, this is strange because Biden’s own vice president said otherwise. Harris, during an overseas trip of her own, clearly declared the intent of sanctions was and continues to be deterrence.

It’s unclear why Biden is claiming differently. However, if the president truly doesn’t believe that sanctions against the Russian government will cause deterrence or the disincentivizing of current aggression, then it begs to question why Biden is levying these sanctions.

It’s not unreasonable to assume most other western nations would agree sanctions were meant to be preventative, and are now meant to be punitive, against the Russian regime.

No Explanation from the White House

At this point, many inquiring minds would love to know why Biden is publicly sharing views that conflict with his own administration when it comes to sanctions.

Thus far, the White House hasn’t provided an official explanation for the comments shared by the president in Brussels. However, this incident certainly doesn’t reflect well on the world stage.

It’s also not going to do anything to assure US allies of our nation’s strength and readiness to take on challenges.

Before claiming that sanctions aren’t meant to prevent anything, Biden also publicly struggled with saying whether or not Putin was a war criminal.

One thing is for sure: were former President Trump still in the White House, America would be in a much better position and Ukraine wouldn’t be under siege.

At this point, many Americans are hopeful that Biden doesn’t do too much more damage for the remainder of his term.

What do you think about Joe Biden claiming that sanctions against Russia aren’t meant to deter the regime’s aggression? Please share your viewpoints in the area for comments down below.