Biden’s Guy Out as GOP Senator Exposes Corruption Probe

President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has suffered a new political defeat.

His pick to head the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) backed out after revelations by Republican Senator Ted Cruz that the nominee is being investigated for corruption.

‘Public Corruption Investigation’

Sleepy Joe’s nominee to lead the FAA, Phillip Washington, a US Army veteran who is presently the Denver International Airport’s CEO, has withdrawn his candidacy for the high-profile federal job, according to a report by Reuters cited by The Gateway Pundit.

Remarkably, Washington’s pullout occurred after earlier in March, when Cruz shattered the former’s candidacy at the Senate Commerce and Transportation Committee.

During Washington’s confirmation hearing, the GOP lawmaker made damning revelations – namely, that Biden’s pick for FAA chief is targeted in a current “public corruption investigation.”

While Cruz blasted the nominee’s “lack of aviation experience,” he underscored there were “outstanding allegations” that he was involved in misconduct while serving as the chief of the Los Angeles Metro.

He added that Biden’s favorite for the FAA had been named in numerous search warrants as part of a criminal probe and “multiple whistleblower complaints” accused him of wrongdoing.

The Republican senator disclosed that one search warrant against Phil Washington was executed in September 2022.


The warrant was based on claims that during his time as LA Metro chief, Biden’s FAA nominee awarded “no-bid contracts” for a barely-used sexual harassment hotline to a “politically-connected nonprofit.”

According to Cruz, Washington did that in order to curry favor with a “powerful politician” sitting on the Los Angeles Metro board.

The GOP lawmaker then emphasized that after Phil Washington left the company, it settled with a whistleblower claiming he or she was retaliated against by the former chief for exposing the “pay-to-play” scheme.”

The whistleblower received a $625,000 settlement check, meaning it was not over a “nuisance.”

Cruz was perplexed as to why no one “from Biden’s regime” actually thought to get in touch with the office of California’s Attorney General to inquire about how Phil Washington was involved in the LA Metro investigation.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.