Biden Offers No Comfort to Americans Struggling With Food, Gas Costs

In 2022, the average American is up against many things. The impacts of lockdowns and restrictions from 2020 and 2021 are still bleeding into the lives of many people today.

On top of that, the nation is going through a mental health crisis. Mass shootings are taking place; children are young as ten-years-old have been arrested for threatening mass shootings in the wake of tragedies out of Uvalde, Texas and Buffalo, New York.

However, the rise in prices for food and gas is what’s really putting the squeeze on the American public. These costs are devastating, making people put off their retirement plans, drain their savings, and otherwise struggle financially.

On Wednesday, the president offered absolutely no reassurance or comfort to Americans facing these issues, confirms New York Post.

Biden on America’s Worst Economic Issues

In a nutshell, the president’s message to Americans who are struggling to make it through the month was “good luck.”

While speaking to reporters, Biden said there’s not a scenario where his administration can press a button to reduce the prices of food and gas. The president then went on to confirm these prices won’t be going down in the “near term.”

These statements came after Biden engaged in a meeting concerning baby formula shortages and shipments. The president has been lambasted for waiting until the eleventh hour to deal with a crisis that already had warning signs dating back to February 2022.

Americans, of course, weren’t very happy to hear this news. After all, Biden’s campaign motto was all about “building back” the United States in a “better” fashion.

Today’s gas prices and food costs aren’t “better” for middle-class Americans who are barely scraping by. Baby formula shortages certainly aren’t “better” for infants who are being hospitalized.

Many Americans take ire with the president, not just because of the problem facing the country, but also due to his apparent unwillingness to bring about the necessary changes via policy.

The Problem With Biden’s Argument

The president claims that flicking a switch to reduce consumer costs isn’t feasible; yet, this isn’t entirely true.

Some policies that would directly drive down gas costs would be revitalizing US pipelines, allowing drilling permits to resume, and walking back the blocks on oil and gas leases.

Biden will not do this, though. In fact, less than two weeks ago, the president said high gas prices today are merely part of a “transition” into a post-fossil fuels society.

This isn’t the rhetoric of a president whose hands are genuinely tied. These are the talking points of a leader who views the suffering of Americans as an acceptable means to achieve his own partisan ends.

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