Biden Promoting US Infrastructure as Economic Fears Heighten

Poll after poll shows that for the majority of the American public, the economy is a serious source of concern.

America’s economy is literally on death’s door, thanks to inflation, rising consumer costs, and stagnant wages. Inflation is absolutely wiping out wages, leaving many people in tight spots.

The Biden administration has gone on record, claiming that annual earners below $400K don’t have to worry about their taxes going up by even $0.01.

However, this is a lie because inflation is the king of taxes. Inflation also has the most devastating impacts on low earners nationwide.

As people are eager to escape the clutches of inflation, the president’s attention lies elsewhere. Biden has apparently arrived at the conclusion that now is the time to set his sights on infrastructure, per NBC News.

A Tone-deaf Approach to Public Policy

Biden’s continued focus on infrastructure is completely misaligned with issues many Americans are focused on today. These issues continue to entail the war in Ukraine, the abortion debate, and, of course, the economy.

Economic problems in the United States impact everyone. This is especially true since the Federal Reserve has now twice increased interest rates.

Some pollsters, such as University of New Hampshire Survey Center Director Andy Smith, are warning the administration that now is not the time to put infrastructure front and center.

Smith explained that the impacts of infrastructure are going to span out over extended periods of time. Meanwhile, the economy remains an in-your-face issue that voters are eager to see resolved.

Distracting From the Issues at Hand?

In the past 12 months that inflation has been a problem for the American public, Biden and his administration have done everything in their power to explain it away.

With the president’s terrible poll numbers on the economy, it’s clear the White House isn’t too keen on addressing what’s happening here. However, the American people don’t have the luxury of not being impacted by higher prices and a projected 2023 recession.

If Biden’s plan with infrastructure is using this to steer public attention away from the economy, he and his handlers will be very disappointed.

If anything, putting infrastructure above the economy is a reminder that this president isn’t paying attention to what’s most important. That’s not a good look for Democrats ahead of midterms.

Until the economy can resemble even a fraction of the stability it had under President Trump, little else will matter. Biden can talk about infrastructure until he’s blue in the face, but the main focus on the general public will continue to be economic matters.

Do you think the Biden administration is trying to distract Americans from economic problems with a new focus on infrastructure? Please share your insight with us below in the comments feed.