Biden Refuses to Address Media as Youngkin Defeats McAuliffe in Virginia Election

Today’s not a very good day for the Democrats. Democrats have made it their business to push mandates, control, and big government on the American public. They’ve gone after parents who want to be involved in their kids’ education.

Democrats are also in the process of trying to give the IRS resources and legal backing to prod into the financial accounts of people who have over $10,000 in yearly transactions.

This is all a classic case of the political left overplaying its hand and getting ahead of itself. Republicans warned about this, stating Democrats’ actions would eventually backfire on them.

That’s exactly what happened in Virginia as Republican Glenn Youngkin handily beat Terry McAuliffe and went on to become the governor-elect of the commonwealth. Ironically, Biden returned from his overseas trip just as Youngkin was giving a victory speech to supporters.

As noted by Breitbart News, the Democrat president also declined to speak with the media about McAuliffe’s loss.

Stone Cold Silence from Biden

Minutes after 1 AM today, Biden got off Air Force One and made his way to White House. After departing from the plane, reporters shouted at the president, asking him to weigh in on the outcome of the Virginia gubernatorial election.

Interestingly enough, Biden refused to speak with the media. Instead, he continued walking foward and didn’t utter a word. The reality of this happening at the precise time of Governor-elect Youngkin giving his acceptance is already generating some interesting feedback on social media.

What makes this even more fascinating is Biden campaigned for McAuliffe, as did Vice President Harris. While overseas, the 46th president even stated McAuliffe would win; Biden also claimed the current issues with his Build Back Better agenda and low approval ratings wouldn’t impact Virginia’s outcome.

The president was wrong on that and now the whole country knows it. Earlier this morning, McAuliffe formally conceded to Youngkin in the form of a press release.

A Sign of the 2022 Midterms Outcome?

While campaigning for McAuliffe in Virginia, Vice President Harris declared what happens in Virginia will largely determine the outcomes of 2022 and 2024. If this is correct, then Republicans are on their way to regaining the House of Representatives, Senate, and the White House.

It’s also worth noting Virginia is a state Biden won against Trump by ten points; it’s also a commonwealth which hasn’t elected a GOP governor in over ten years. The win of Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin shows even people who voted for Biden aren’t very pleased with the direction of the nation.

Do you think President Biden will give any public remarks about Governor-elect Youngkin’s win in the commonwealth of Virginia? Let us get your predictions on the events to unfold below in the comments area.