Biden Signals Interest in Ending the Filibuster

As of late, the Democrat Party (notably its progressive wing) has adopted an interest in chopping down the filibuster and removing it altogether. Democrats claim the filibuster is racist and isn’t for the good of the nation; however, their stories and arguments simply don’t hold water.

For starters, when Democrats were the minority party, they consistently employed the filibuster. Democrats filibustered constantly during the Trump administration to stall and defeat Republicans’ agendas.

The filibuster exists so the minority party in the federal government still has a voice. However, since Democrats are no longer the minority party, having the filibuster in place fails to benefit them. It is for this reason (and this reason alone) that Democrats want the filibuster gone.

During a CNN town hall event on Thursday, President Biden signaled his interest in weakening or eliminating the filibuster, as Breitbart News notes.

Biden on the Senate Filibuster

The president expressed an interest in “fundamentally [altering]” the filibuster. Biden did a lot of rambling and going off course, but this was ultimately the core of what he said. The president believes scrapping the Senate filibuster is the best chance he has of getting his agendas through Congress.

Later, Biden expressed he is opened to “straight up” ending the filibuster altogether. This, of course, is right in line with what radical Democrats in and out of Congress have been pushing to do.

Biden’s statements on the filibuster come as he and Democrats continue pushing a deeply unpopular agenda through Congress. The unpopularity is signaled by the president’s approval ratings which are on a steady decline.

A Reality Check for Biden

Biden does not have the votes to “fundamentally alter” or end the filibuster. Democrat lawmakers don’t have the votes for this either. That’s because 52 senators are against watering down or removing the filibuster.

These 52 senators include all GOP members, in addition to Democrat Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. All 52 of these lawmakers believe the filibuster is crucial to upholding democracy.

A few weeks back, a recent poll confirmed the majority of Manchin’s supporters (and West Virginia voters altogether) are supportive of the filibuster. The same poll also showed if Manchin were to side with the radical left and end the filibuster, it would significantly hurt his level of support in his state.

Keeping the filibuster in place and as is remains vital. Democrats only want the filibuster gone because it is stopping them from having unchecked and total control. Ironically, the events happening now are exactly why the filibuster was put in place.

What do you think about Joe Biden’s support for changing or eliminating the Senate filibuster altogether? We’d like to read your thoughts in the field for comments below.