Biden Under Fire Amid Dismal September Jobs Report

President Biden is deeply and dangerously in denial. He keeps trying to convince the nation his agenda is “building back better,” yet all the real-world evidence points to precisely the opposite.

Right now, the spending package that Biden wants pushed through Congress has horrible things in store for America. If the Democrats get their way on this, the United States will lose millions of jobs for years to come. Likewise, individuals, families, and businesses are going to be paying higher taxes.

All of this comes notwithstanding the immigration crisis at the southern border, overall inflation, and a host of foreign policy disasters. Now, the president is under fire for the dismal September jobs report, as Breitbart News points out.

A Horrible Jobs Report for Last Month

America’s economy only gained 194K jobs last month; this serves as a far cry from the 500K jobs that economic experts anticipated would come during September. However, even in the wake of this, Biden is still trying to foolishly convince Americans that the latest jobs report is good news.

However, the small business community known as the Jobs Creators Network is holding Biden accountable for this. On Friday, the group slammed Biden’s unsuccessful policies, stating the president is ruining the economy with higher tax rates, COVID vaccine mandates, and inflation.

The Jobs Creators Network then censured the president for destroying small businesses across the United States. This also doesn’t mark the first time this small business group has called out the president.

Weeks ago, the Jobs Creators Network released a blistering statement against Biden’s COVID vaccine mandate for businesses across the country. The group vowed to pursue legal action if the president moves forward with the implementation of this mandate.

A Continued Downward Spiral?

The Biden presidency has consisted of one nightmare after the other. Meanwhile, more and more Americans are coming to terms with the reality that Biden should have never gotten into the White House.

When covering the September 2021 jobs report, even liberal media outlets like CNN are admitting the numbers aren’t good. No matter how much Biden lies and professes to be “building back better,” just about everyone can see the opposite is true.

Unfortunately, with this president in office, it appears as though situations will worsen before real improvements are made. Biden’s showing no sign of changing his course of action because he doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong.

This is one of the most dangerous aspects of this administration; it’s also proof that Biden and the Democrat Party should not be running the federal government.

What do you think about the jobs report from September 2021? Do you believe things are going to keep getting worse with Biden as president? Let us know below in the comments section.