Biden Widely Mocked Over Phone Call with Putin

Since the inception of Biden’s time as president, he’s done a major disservice to the United States by portraying weakness on the world stage.

The sitting president showed the world he doesn’t have a clue of how to handle foreign policy, instill confidence in our allies, or make our enemies know America is not to be messed with.

Biden put his foreign policy ineptitude on full display last year when he carelessly withdrew US troops from Afghanistan before ensuring the safety of US citizens and allies.

Biden then made an even bigger fool of America when he allowed the Taliban to resurface and retake power.

This year, America is in a situation where our enemies like Russia and China are literally laughing at Biden. Both Putin and Jinping know that Biden is a joke; it’s why they’ve joined forces with one another to maximize their effectiveness at the perfect time.

Meanwhile, Biden’s latest attempts to make Putin take him seriously are getting him laughed out of the room, as Townhall points out.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Latest Conversation with Putin

On Saturday, Biden spoke with his Russian counterpart, warning the latter against invading Ukraine. According to the current president, if Putin does proceed with strikes against Ukraine, “costs” that are severe and swift will take place.

Likewise, Biden conveyed to Putin that attacks against Ukraine would hurt Russia’s reputation and drive up suffering. The sitting president’s remarks come as it’s looking likelier each day that Putin will hit Ukraine.

There’s just one problem, here. The Russian president doesn’t take his US counterpart very seriously. At the same time Biden’s trying to be a tough guy, he’s also let American citizens in Ukraine know the military won’t be there to help if Russia strikes.

Let’s not also forget that Russia already knows (and doesn’t care) that hitting Ukraine would engender human suffering. Putin even likely got a good laugh over Biden threatening to hit Russia with sanctions.

The higher-ups in Russia are already wealthy; moreover, with the backing of China, Russia can very much weather any storms to come from sanctions. In a nutshell, Biden hasn’t said or done anything that inspires Putin to take him seriously.

The Perfect Storm?

Some Americans believe the Biden administration is hyping up overseas tensions as a means of distracting from its failures here in the states.

People with this view note that the “will they, won’t they” situation about Russia potentially hitting Ukraine gives Biden a chance to focus on matters other than US inflation, crime, etc.

Either way, Biden’s leadership has been a significant factor in the current problems America faces, both in the world and here in the United States.

Do you think Putin truly takes anything Biden says seriously? We’d like to know your views in the comments section.