Biden’s Approval Ratings Collapse in Brand New Poll

Across the board, Biden hasn’t been doing very well as president.

He’s alienated Independents with radical polices that are a far cry from the somewhat moderate approach he took during the 2020 presidential election. Independent voters not only widely disapprove of Biden, but also side with Republicans on most issues in polls.

That’s not to mention Biden’s doing such a poor job that even Democrats aren’t happy with him. Biden didn’t defeat COVID, erase student loans, pass climate change reform, make community college free, or fulfill the other commitments he made to his base.

Of course, it’s no secret that Republicans widely disapprove of Biden. Ironically, Biden’s presidency has exceeded the warnings from the GOP back in 2020.

Now, a brand new poll shows that only 35% of the country approves of how the 46th president is leading in office, per Breitbart News.

The Big Reveal from Quinnipiac University

Just on Wednesday, a survey by Quinnipiac University showed a 35% approval rating for Biden. Meanwhile, on issues regarding COVID response, the Supreme Court, foreign policy, gun violence, and the economy, anywhere from four in ten to six in ten voters disapprove.

Already, the media is warning that doomsday is coming for Biden and the Democrats. MSNBC, for instance, has predicted the issues to carry the most weight in the midterms will be living costs, crime, and coronavirus.

Coincidentally, Biden’s approach to each of these three issues is widely loathed throughout the United States. The White House might as well start preparing now for Democrats to lose majority control of Congress.

Additional information from Quinnipiac University reveals that inflation is the leading concern of the American public. This is also a concern Biden has done his best to avoid and pass the buck on.

Game Over for Democrats

Americans across the political spectrum are facing the results of leadership currently at the helm of the nation.

Thanks to soft-on-crime policies (which Biden’s White House press secretary laughed off), many business owners are having to shut down their establishments. Between shoplifting and violent offenders being on the loose, it’s not even safe for them to try to run a business.

Of course, as all this chaos plays out, Biden and other left-wing leaders are still pretending like guns are the real issues at bay. As a collective, Democrats haven’t done anything to show why they should continue to control Congress.

In November, Americans will be able to send a clear message to the left that the free ride is over.

What do you think about the latest poll showing that less than four out of every ten Americans favors Biden’s job performance? We’re eager to read your thoughts about what’s currently happening in the comments area.