Biden’s Broken Promises on Student Loans Could Backfire on Democrats

During Joe Biden’s time as a 2020 presidential contender, he used promises of student loan debt to get votes.

Biden did this knowing good and well that student loan debts have crippling impacts on people’s lives and folks would give nearly anything not to have to be saddled with them.

At the same time Biden vowed to erase student loans if he got into office, he also knew this promise was not one he had the power to keep, even as president of the United States.

Biden’s presidential powers let him enforce moratoriums on student loan payments (which he has done several times); however, they don’t give him the authority to waive student loans on his own.

Nevertheless, many Democrats who voted for Biden expect him to make good on his pledge.

As it becomes more apparent that this president isn’t going to be erasing anyone’s student loans, it could backfire on Democrats during the midterms, according to Newsmax.

The Consequences of Broken Promises

As a result of Biden’s unremitting failure to disappear student loan debts, young, left-wing voters may not be so eager to participate in the midterms.

Democratic members of Congress have repeatedly urged the president to follow through and end student loan debt. According to Democrats, this will reduce the “racial wealth gap,” increase economic opportunities, allow Americans to become homeowners, etc.

Meanwhile, Congress hasn’t even come close to taking up a bill that would provide the type of student loan debt disappearance that progressives want to see happen.

Likewise, even if such legislation were brought before Congress, it would be unlikely to win the votes of Republicans or moderate Democrats in the Senate.

When it comes to the midterm elections, Democrats are already on thin ice and projected to lose. This is owed to a series of problems facing the United States under Biden’s leadership.

The Hard Truth About Student Loans

Americans who voted for Biden due to his assurance to end student loan debt will continue to be disappointed if they keep expecting this.

The White House has been very clear on numerous occasions that student loan debt forgiveness isn’t happening. No legislation of this nature has been brought before Congress, nor would it be likely to pass both chambers.

When Americans take out student loan debt, they do so knowing they have to pay this money back. People who are truly interested in being free of student loans would do well to pay them off as soon as possible to avoid incurring any further interest.

Do you think Biden’s failure to follow through on his pledge of student loan debt erasure will backfire on the Democrat Party in November? You’re more than welcome to share your thoughts in the comments section.