Biden’s “Catch and Release” Strategy for the Immigrants Isn’t Proving to Be Useful

Reports from two years ago show that President Biden wasted $110 million of taxpayer money on his highly ambitious Catch & Release program. This aimed to provide funding for the illegal immigrants who were set free inside the US.

However, a large portion of that tax money was intended to go to non-governmental agencies in border states, with the intent of helping the homeless population that inhabits the shelters and frequents the soup kitchens in certain areas.

Catch & Release program costing US taxpayers more than it’s worth

Due to Biden’s meddling, the first thing he did regarding the border only made life for legal residents of the country that much harder. The funding they would’ve received was now only a fraction of what it would’ve been without the absurd program Biden created.

On top of this, the Department of Homeland Security launched an investigation into the NGOs and FEMA, as there were no requirements for verification of who the money is actually going to.

The report from the DHS shows the $12.9 million awarded to 18 NGOs wasn’t used in line with the policies proposed by the American Plan Rescue; a large sum of the money has gone missing without a trace.

Some of the NGOs involved couldn’t provide any documentation for the individuals and families they offered their services to, some of which didn’t even have a DHS encounter record.

Millions of taxpayer dollars down the drain

What’s more, the Catch & Release program only made the impact of illegal immigration worse on the border communities.

Essentially, Biden doesn’t want you to know what he’s doing with the illegal immigrants entering our country. If you consider hundreds of immigrant children found working in meat processing plants across the nation, you can get a general idea of what’s going on.

Even though they’ve announced a continuation of Trump’s plan to build a border wall, the left failed to live up to the task and dropped it almost immediately.

Biden’s simply got a chronic case of lacking charisma. It shows in his public appearances, where you can often see him shuffling through his cue cards looking for something coherent to say.

Despite all the assistance he gets, Biden still barely manages to put together a few sentences without saying something completely outrageous; we can’t have a man like that running this country.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.