Biden’s Presidency Tracks With Higher Mortality Rate For Police Officers

Over the past several years, police officers have been put through the wringer.

The movement to defund the police put a lot of strain on law enforcement. On top of this, Democratic officials embraced other pro-crime policies, like low bail for offenders and letting criminals out of jail early.

This naturally works against the very jobs that police officers have to do.

Then, if pro-crime policies weren’t bad enough, city and state-level Democrats started firing police officers who didn’t want to get COVID vaccines.

It gets worse, though. According to Breitbart News, there’s been a major uptick in murdered police officers since Biden became president.

Dangerous Times to Work in Law Enforcement

Christopher Wray, the current director of the FBI, recently shared what police officers are up against during an interview with CBS News.

According to Wray, for every five days that pass, there is about one police officer who loses their life. In 2021 alone, the killings of police officers jumped by a disturbing 59%.

Per the FBI director, police officers appear to be most at risk during patrol times. This seems to imply that just the police badge alone has made law enforcement officers a target.

Unfortunately, the same year that police officers’ murders rose by 59% is when President Biden made it his business to attack law enforcement.

Last year, the president scolded police departments for supposedly harboring “systemic racism” within their ranks. Likewise, Biden also implied that the “culture” of policing allows for minorities to be unfairly killed during encounters with law enforcement officers.

Continuous Support For Defunding the Police

Biden and other Democratic leaders have claimed that police defunding isn’t something the party is on board with. The president has even outrightly stated that police should be “funded,” rather than defunded.

However, this is not a unanimous view on the left. To this day, Rep. Cori Bush remains supportive of defunding law enforcement.

Bush has even claimed that critics of defunding the police should “suck it up” and accept that this is what’s going to happen.

Meanwhile, amid all of the congresswoman’s support for defunding law enforcement, she’s racked up six-figure fees for her own private security detail.

When questioned about the clear conflict here, Bush said she’ll be killed without private security to look after her. Sadly, if police are defunded in the manner that Bush wants, everyday Americans will also lose their lives.

At this point, there’s no doubt that defunding the police, anti-law enforcement rhetoric from the president, and pro-crime policies have played a role in the murders of officers.

What do you think about the increase of police officers being murdered since Biden took office? Let us know in the comments feed below if you believe the president has a role in all of this.