Biden’s Top Aide Appears Shaken When Questioned About Corruption Allegations

Since Republicans managed to take back majority power in the House of Representatives, there have been significant investigations into Joe Biden, his family, and what they got up to when he was vice president.

So far, none of it looks good. In fact, from what’s been discovered so far, the corruption tied to Biden and his family goes beyond what the average American initially suspected.

Meanwhile, House Republicans have made it crystal clear that they’re going to get to the bottom of everything.

As a result of these investigations, the White House was recently questioned about the staggering percentage of the public that’s deemed Biden to be a corrupt president.

As The Daily Mail reports, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre’s response was quite telling.

Taken Aback by the Question

Jean-Pierre was heard exclaiming “Jesus” after a reporter asked about the amount of Americans who have decided Biden is corrupt.

National Security Adviser John Kirby also seemed aghast when he was directly asked how he’d respond to Americans who don’t think Biden is on the up-and-up.

His response to this was alleging that there’s “nothing to” these assertions of Biden and his relatives being knee-deep in criminal activity. Furthermore, Kirby also claimed this is a matter his boss has spoken about on numerous occasions.

Biden has not, in fact, addressed substantial allegations made about the believed behavior of himself and his family by House Republicans.

In fact, the latest remarks from Jean-Pierre and Kirby are the first official statements that Americans are hearing.

Passing the Buck

Later, Kirby told the media that anyone who has questions regarding whistleblowers making accusations about Biden will need to confer with the FBI.

Though the FBI isn’t exactly on the good list of many Americans these days. In fact, there’s a widespread view that the FBI is explicitly working on behalf of the current president and his allies.

All things considered, no one should hold their breath waiting for a serious response from the current administration.