Biden’s Upcoming State of the Union Address Triggers New Precautions

Next month, Joe Biden is set to deliver his 2022 State of the Union address. This address will come at a time when there’s a lot of stress, turmoil, and uncertainty across the United States.

Many Americans are eager to see inflation levels go down. This would make supporting themselves a lot easier; it would also ensure the money they earn from their jobs goes further.

With the State of the Union address coming up, left-wing strategists have warned Biden not to use this juncture to pat himself on the back and pretend as though all is well.

Some Democrats have even said Biden needed to use the State of the Union address as a time to announce America’s transition to a post-COVID society resembling normalcy.

However, there’s no indication that Biden plans to do anything other than pretend like all is well during the State of the Union address. Meanwhile, with this speech coming up, Newsmax reports that Capitol police officers are ramping up security levels.

What to Know About Higher Security Levels

On Friday, the Capitol police released a statement regarding the new safeguards they’re putting in place ahead of the 2022 State of the Union address.

According to the Capitol police, roads are being blocked off and more protective measures are getting set up, due to reports of a US trucker convoy mirroring the one that took place in Canada.

The Canadian trucker convoy made international news, with countless people supporting truckers’ grassroots efforts to push back against tyrannical medical edicts making the lives of everyone miserable.

Reportedly, groups of American truckers are planning on implementing their own peaceful protest against the vaccine mandates that have popped up in the United States.

Apparently, Capitol police view this as dangerous and worthy of new precautions being enacted.

Online Criticism Against the Announcement

News about the Capitol police putting in more security measures has definitely led to some online controversy. Some people have argued that such moves are not necessary.

Others have noted that US truckers are well within their rights to protest against the mandates being pushed on Americans. There’s also been some talk about what role the Capitol police played during last year’s January 6 riots on Capitol Hill.

If anything, this announcement shows just how high tensions are in the United States. It also shows that implementing COVID vaccine mandates has been one of the worst and most divisive choices ever.

These mandates haven’t ended the virus, stopped the spread, or brought anyone together. They’ve only managed to spark anger and lead to global uprisings.

What do you think about Capitol police officers setting up more security measures and shutting down roads in anticipation of a US trucker freedom convoy? Please let us know in the comments area.